Okay so… people are seriously nuts… I say that with a tad bit of amusement. They must be on something if they think that just cause their selling b.s. that I’m buying it.

People are selfish, I get that and I try not to judge it. You have your party, I’ll have mind, because honestly that about as far as power goes anyway…from us to us. So…why did a co-worker try an play me today? You see, this person has a terrible habit of always trying to get over. She comes to work late, almost everyday, disappears from her desk often. And, has been known to take almost two hour lunches to go to the gym. I’m not a hater people. I’m all for you getting your personal time in with the treadmill of your choice. Unti…you’re messing with me and my time. Then my dears… to put it mildly…you have a problem. A serious one.

In a lot of ways, I’m a creature of habit. I take my lunch at 1pm 5 days a week. Set your watch by it…it’s a safe bet. For the second time (because she’s nuts) this person tried to get me to have lunch later so she could go to the gym. Never mind that I come to work a full hour, sometimes an hour and half before her. Or, that I don’t ask anyone to inconvienence themselves for my personal vanity complex. She whined and whined. And, I told her, “Let me save us both some time. Guilt does not work on me.” So, do you know what this truly sad individual did? She disappeared while I was at lunch and another person was away. And, left our office without administrative support…not once…but, twice. And…gosh, when people were looking for her… Well, I just didn’t know where she had gotten to. Now, did I tell her that people had been looking for her while she was being a selfish, spoiled brat? Um…nope. I’m a huge fan of karma and shady people manifesting their own downfall…  But, I did give her the very heavy silent treatment! Anyone know what an empath is? An empath can not only pick up on your feelings, but, make you feel the weight of theirs. So…she felt me today…it was mighty heavy my displeasure… So, heavy she fell silent for the rest of the day. And, just to let you know… I forgive, but, forget… Does logging her coming and goings during that missing time sound like I forget?

What’s the lesson here? If you’re misearable…keep it between you and you! If you’re a selfish jerk, who probably has a bit of a hard time looking themselves in the eye…please keep that ickiness to yourself. Because I promise you this: I may not tell you what I’m thinking (all the time), but, I will make you feel what I’m thinking! No one is entitled to anything here, it’s all earned. And, when you start taking more than your share, somebody (hello! me!), will hold up a mirror so you can see what you’re asking people to put up with. Hell, if you don’t like yourself, don’t expect me to either. I can have compassion for your misery, but, I DON’T HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT! People need to get a clue!

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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