So, as of late I’ve noticed a lot of my peeps–myself included are becoming comfortable with the idea that they may be single a little while longer. And, you know what? That’s cool, because there are those of us who aren’t interested in becoming or living a lie just to be with someone.
People are under the impression that their individual issues can somehow be hidden, or looked over when in a relationship. Or, that someone will just put up with them because they must. And, again…you’re not living in the light…you’re living in fear. A relationship will esacerbate every single little problem you have with yourself, and unfortunately, we have a tendency to want to spill some of our issues onto others. Thus, friction in the relationship and break ups…
I suggest, we all do the adult thing: Take a good long, hard look at ourselves and name the things that require improvement. And, while gathering a big bowl of courage, we should decide to make healthy changes and actually do it! I had a break up once because the guy could only talk about the changes that he needed to make, no follow-through whatsoever! End, result…I left. And, I have no regrets about it. People will tell you what they think you want to hear, but, if they don’t feel the need to do anything for their own sake, in short…kiss the relationship goodbye.
Never are we more willing to grow and change then when we’re babies, having no clue what to do, but, figuring it out anyway. But, as we get older we think that change means pain, not real pain, but, “I’m uncomfortable”, “I feel awkward”, “I feel self-conscious” pain. And, let’s face it–THAT’S NOT REAL PAIN! That’s what we all experience before growth! And, it’s the ego in it’s ignorance and pride that would have you think that anything out of your comfort zone is pain. And, while you’re dealing with the lies of the ego, you’re losing two people simultaneously: yourself and your significant other. I was telling my friend the other day, when she asked if we could ever recognize  the truth about ourselves beyond our saturn return ( look it up, it’s around 27-30). And, yes, we can, but, it’s usally in our golden years…like around 50-60. And, with that revelation that’s when regret comes in. You’ve heard the, “I should’ve done this…”, “I shouldn’t have let that one get away.”, blah, blah, blah. Yep, seems we fined courage when faced with mortality. In the words of Metallica, “Sad, but, true”.
Do I feel sorry for people who walk around all angry, misearble and such. In a word: No. I feel sorry for their children, because chances are they are prepetuating the problem. They’re telling children that they must settle in life, that they can’t have everything that they want. And, damn it, it’s not true! You’ve just gotta be honest, be consistent with your honesty, work hard, and DON’T SETTLE! And, when you’re feeling awkward, uncomfortable or self-conscious, understand that you’re about to grow and gooooo with it! Why is this so important? Because the truth about ourselves is at the center of everything we do, and it can only go two ways. We own our truth or, it owns us. And, that’s the difference between a happy life and well…a life.
So, to all my peeps living their truth and doing it solo–Bravo! You’re amazing and I support you. To my peeps living truth in a relationship–bravo! You’re living a miracle, blessings to you and your significant other. Either way, live, love and be the truth (whatever that means for you).
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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