I’m not even angry as I write this. But, I just want it known that I’m done with the gathering vortex of insanity–in the form of people, doctrines written by people, with their varied opinions and interpretations. You can stop now. Those that would like to  tell me that I have to abide by their ideologies, dogmas and ways of being.

Please… stop talking to me. Stop trying to make me one of you, I’m not interested.

I will never understand how people who proclaim to know the answers, constantly need other people to join them in order to validate their decisions. If your choices work for you–I’m happy for you. And, very supportive. But, one needs to understand freewill and respect it. It’s a divine right. We are individiuals mostly because we function alone, and all decisions made by us, though they effect others, they define who we are and our life experience.

As this world goes through its evolution, it’s amazing to me the panic people are having. The fear in disguise of wisdom, the darkness masqurading as light. And, the hinderance and shackles being pandered as truth and light.

Anyone who wants you to succeed understands they can provide you tools, but, they can’t make you use them. And, their success or failure shouldn’t hinge on that of yours. If you have the questions, you also have the answers. They aren’t going to be found outside of yourself, no matter who tries to convince you otherwise. The truth, will always be found in the silence of yourself. And, that’s precisely the sound many are trying to drown out with their “suggestion”, their “help”, their “wisdom”, their “citations”, “proof”, “books”.

Truth is… it does not require proof, justification, permission, nor validation. The truth and the ego aren’t the same. The ego,  it needs to be right, validated, praised, adored, and in control. Not only of itself, but, as many sheeple that will follow it.

Self-knowledge is the difference between a leader and a follower. Leaders have no problem not being followed. Leaders, know their truth may be their’s and their’s alone. And, they are at peace with that knowledge.

Namaste to all souls, but, know this… I understand who and what guides me. And, I will not be deterred from my truth. I am not here to validate anyone, nor, do I require validation.

Stop already… just… stop.

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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