We’re all in this together people… It’s bad, okay? This isn’t a test, this is the real thing. We have a global economic crisis that we’re all experiencing. Either you, or someone you know is being affected by the economic bitch-slap, or, beat down that is occurring right now.

There is no silver bullet that will make this all go away. There is no one that will come to wake you up from this, and there is no way to avoid making changes in  our lives to deal with this. There’s no escape, and we need to stop trying. We need to grow up and make the necessary adjustments. It’s never going to be the way it was, and we shouldn’t want it to be, either. The way it was, with the shameless gluttony, wastefulness, and selfishness got us here. And, I for one never want to be here again, once we’ve made it through. And, yes, I do believe we will, but, there will be pain on the way to the mountaintop.

At work today, an entire department was let go. And, unfortunately, it’s a sight that I got used to almost two years ago, at the last financial bank I worked at. And, um…without saying which bank, I’ll just say, the CEO went overboard on shopping for his office. You never get used to the sight of people being let go. It’s upsetting. But, at the same time, we need to realize that we are part of the problem too. We helped perpetuate this gluttonous behavior. The showing-off mentality, is very childish. It’s what you do your senior year of highschool, not your senior years of your life! We’ve glorified all the things that make humans ugly: greed, selfishness, excess, gluttony…in short, the seven deadly sins. And, then we’re wondering why those things are finally starting to kill us as a society? Really??? I mean, really???

I watched our President give his speech last night. And, here’s the thing…I love my president. Why? Because he didn’t bullshit me. He didn’t tell me that the economy is fundamentally sound–it isn’t. I work in finance. I’ve seen these people day in and day out since 2007 watch it all go down the tubes. So, no people, it’s been bad since then. Now, it’s just horrible! So, I’m glad that finally someone in office, isn’t sugarcoating what some of us have known for years… We’re in TROUBLE. And, something must be done. And, yeah, since I cannot trust the bankers, to be honest, nor the last administration to not sleep with the bankers and screw me…I’ll take my chances on the guy who looks me in my face and says, “Yeah, if we don’t do something, we’re majorly screwed!” Listen, if you all can’t handle the truth, this might be a good time to consider leaving–either your mind, or the planet.

I’m watching the conservatives, and the like behave like spoiled children who are told the party is over. Even though, the music has stopped, the food is eaten, there’s trash everywhere, and everyone else has left. I’ll tell you like my boss told me in 2007, “The crazy, go-go days are over.” By the way, that boss moved back to his country. Hello! The current, three-week old administration didn’t allow wallstreet to go unchecked for years upon years, nor did they have a say in how the TARP bill went out the door without so much as kiss before screwing… So, for anyone to be up in arms at this point is ridiculous, not to mention, WAY TOO LATE!

I’m not naieve, I can’t be, I’ve spent too much time with bankers… The current administration isn’t going to get it all right. They will NOT be creating miracles. And, if you think that’s their job, again…you aren’t dealing with reality. WE have to all use constraint, good judgement and our brains (do you even remember your brain?). We helped create the monster that’s currently munching our collective ass. And, in order to be apart of the solution, we have to face the problem together. And, the problem is, our attitude towards money, our definition of success and the way we operate on a business level was outdated. And, you know what? Being stupid, is no longer a good excuse for…ANYTHING. Denial, is a river of certain death, I wouldn’t recommend  you swim in it. And, me versus you, or us versus them, or party versus party is a deadly game that needs to come to an end. Believe it or not…this IS change. And, it is a change that you’d better believe in, as the alternative isn’t something any of us can afford.
Listen, you don’t have to like the proposals that my president (I love saying that) and his administration is offering, but, you sure as hell had better have actual ideas for alternatives. If not, button it, until you do. Hot air is the one commodity that isn’t suffering any losses, anywhere.

Love Peace Happiness N One,

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