Usually, I have a high tolerance for fundamentalist. I work to find compassion for the fear-mongerers who say they care about my soul. Do I agree with them? For the most part… ABSOLUTELY NOT! But, I respect their right to think, speak and worship as they see fit. That is…until you’re screaming at the top of your lungs on my subway, and refuse to show me the same respect I show you.

On the way home, there was child of a man-boy, who felt it was his lot in life to move from Texas, to NYC to preach the gospel. You know, that’s fine. But, when you’re taking advantage of confined spaces, and screaming your very limited, not-well-thought out, and downright silly views on Christianity… Then I got  a problem. There I was breathing deep, praying, asking for guidance myself, so that I didn’t scream to the top of my lungs correcting this ignorant fire and brimstone wanna-be preacher-boy. This one sentence changed my frustration into down right amusement…

“Jesus fulfilled all the prophecies… Man cannot tell the future.” –Huh??? Does anyone besides me see the blatant contridiction in this thought? Now, if man cannot tell the future, than who wrote the prophecies Jesus’ fulfilled??? –Do people listen to themselves when they grasp at words hoping for some sort of attention?? I was so shocked by this desperate act, that I started laughing loudly, and repeated the sentence to whomever was around me. I couldn’t stop laughing.

It became very obvious to me, that this person went to some church where they don’t really study the history of Yeshua Bin Joseph  (you know that was his actual name, don’t you?) as an ancient-historic character or The Holy Bible and all the various incarnations and translations of this book. –This poor boy had the audacity to say that only “The holy bible” has stood the test of time. Um…that is utterly wrong. And, if he knew the history of this book he barely was able to quote, then he’d know the parts of the bible, that weren’t burned, are being rediscovered today. Like, for example :


And, honestly, if you don’t know about The Dead Sea Scrolls…then you most certaintly cannot argue that The Holy Bible, the King James Version (doesn’t sound Hebrew to me) is a book that has stood the test of time.

Listen, I don’t believe in organized religion, but, some do. And, I honor that. But, screaming at me, that I have to believe as you do, or ________________ is archaic, sad, and downright ignorant! Believing that Yeshua was the only spiritual teacher, when he studied under his cousin “John” aka John The Baptist, a leader in the Essene sect of Jews, is lunacy. Mohammed and Buddha both were prior to Yeshua. And, if you really did your research, you’d know he traveled and studied with many before opening his mouth in markets, bazaars, valleys, public space, etc… If anyone, I mean anyone, ever thought for themselves, rather than following like sheep into confusion and some sort of death, they’d get the message. And, the message is, was and will always be: You are your own Messiah! And, no one corners the market on the universe, creator, aka God–hello omnipotent and omnipresent anyone?? –I mean, has anyone ever bothered to look up the meaning of “Christ”??? Probably not… but, if you aren’t going to bother to search for your own answers, I’m most certainly  am going to laugh at you when you speak nonsense to me in a way that’s dishonoring my freewill. Because that is not WJWD (what Jesus would do)!



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