This blog is inspired by every selfish person who gets on a crowded subway, and doesn’t take off their back pack. It’s for those people who walk through the doorway of an establishment while you’re holding the door for yourself, as if you were “Jeeves”, and the master of the house just returned… Its for those people who think they are the only ones who have feelings, are allowed to have feelings, and can’t get passed themselves to see the rest of us. It’s for the parents whose little prized possessions aka children are so “special”, they think the rest of the world has to endure their temper tantrum too, “She’s just a baby… He’s only two…”, sorry, how is that my problem?! Oh wait…it isn’t. That’s not my kid, but, yours! This blog is for every moron that visits another country, or culture, and doesn’t have enough respect to study the customs and proceeds to believe they don’t have to adhere to the “foreign” laws.

This blog is for all those people who don’t understand, that you aren’t the most important person on the planet… you’re one of billions! So… build a bridge and get over yourselves!

Selfishness at its root, is insecurity… it’s fear, and, let’s face it…it’s ugly!!! I tend to stop listening when people who cannot get past themselves, complain. Everyone is important! Everyone is entitled to be heard, appreciated, and considered. Yet, this trend of “entitlement” has gotten so systemic that there’s an entire generation of handicapped people who don’t understand that when in public places, you will either take other people’s personal space, feelings and beliefs into consideration, or, you may face some serious consequences. The quickest way to get the human animal primal is to invade their personal space without regard. And, yes, that does mean it could get physical. But, why would that surprise you?

However you want to be treated, expect that the rest of us want that too. You want respect, be respectful. You want to be heard? Become a good listener. You want to be loved unconditionally? Love without condition. You want to have your cake and eat it too? Expect the same from everyone else. For every moment where you believe that you can “get over” on someone, you’re setting yourself up to be at the back-end of that behavior in the future. Whether it looks like it, or not, whether you accept it or not, the universe is always seeking to balance itself. So, what you do in the name of selfishness, will, and does come back to you. Just like what you do in the service of oneness.

I’d also like to mention, there’s no happiness in the world of “entitlement”. I mean, while you’re demanding things from people, you must realize, you are demanding, because you aren’t like-able enough to be given anything. Every celebrity knows they are given swag, because someone is pushing a product, to later to be sold to the public for money. Therefore, they agree to be walking, talking billboards for the manufacturers of products. When you wear or carry things with someone’s initials other than yours… you are no different. So, are you entitled to be treated like you’re more important, because you paid to be someone’s billboard?? No. Does having money buy respect, or importance?? Only to those who are willing to play that game. And, let me clear… I don’t belong to that camp. So, use your freaking manners when dealing with me.

I was in a bank once, and the guy in front of me was closing the door behind him and in my face, because he was distracted¬†on a cell phone call. I glared at him, and he apologized… it was Matthew Broderick. I’ve liked him so much more since then. And, I’ve also been spoken to rudely by Regis Philban when I worked at Radio City Music Hall, needless to say… not a fan. People are important. How we treat each other is important. This is what being apart of a global civilized society is about.

We’ve gotten to the point where customers are routinely ignored in stores, while employees hold conversations…and, I’m talking about at the drug store. Huh? I’m sorry, doesn’t my purchase pay your bills?! Apparently, discussions of your personal life supersede your pay check… Uh, okay… Stepping on someone’s toe no longer requires an apology. A chef screwing up an order at a restaurant no longer, garners an offer to pay for the meal. What?! You messed up my order and you still want me to pay you?! And, seriously… do NOT get me started on “elected” public servants… Rarely are any of them serving anything more than getting into office, and staying there.

What is the root cause of all this insanity that colors the entire spectrum??? We think we’re more important than we really are. We ALL need to get over ourselves, get out of the mirror, and realize we aren’t the only ones here. And, we never want to be either, so,¬† we should be more inclined to treat one another as such! Life is a gift, and we are gifts to one another…

Love Peace Happiness N One,



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