I’m an emotional being. I’m an intellectual being. I am a fully, functional, healthy, aware being. And, I’m beginning to think I live in the minority of my kind.

Why is it that peole have issues with feelings? Why is it that being emotionally barren is becoming the norm? I’m quite over it. To me, having a brain overly developed of intellect and a heart that lives only to pump blood means, you’re only half fulfilling your potential as a human. In other words, something is wrong.

Thinking without feeling is an over-valued trait. And, if you ever spoken to a person who lacks emotional depth, but, is intellectually overly abundant, then, you know what I’m saying. It’s like talking to a book, it can tell you what it thinks, but, it cannot tell you how it feels, nor relate to you on that level.

I think its quite sad when I ask someone how they feel about something, but, they answer me with how they think. Are you that detached from yourself? Is that part of you such a stranger that you feel odd engaging it? And, how am I supposed to relate to you if you cannot relate to yourself?

To say we are what we think we are, in my opinon is only half the story. We are also what we feel. And, feelings should be valued as much as thought. Feeling, in actuality comes before thought. Your thoughts describe how you feel. And, yet, people use thoughts to mask feelings rather than share them.

So many people are afraid of their emotions, they are afraid to feel. And, yet, what they don’t understand is that emotions don’t care that you don’t want to feel them. And, if they go unexpressed long enough, they will consume you, they will come out. Whether it be violent outbursts, or uncontrollable tears. This is the price we pay when we wall off part of ourselves because we’re afraid of it. We create a pressure-cooker type situation that only requires time and pressure before it explodes.

I believe a lot of relationships suffer because expressing emotion has been demonized. We relate through feelings. Feelings allow us to nurture, to listen with interest, to care beyond what we can explain. Feelings are the inspiriation for all things creative–music, poetry, painting, design… And, our ability to feel is why we love the music we do, the movies we watch, the color of the clothes we wear. And, yet, so many people are having trouble relating to one another simply because they don’t want to experience one very necessary, critical ingredient that cannot be avoided in any relationship in order to succeed. And, that is vulnerable. It’s necessary in all relationships, and yet, missing in far too many.

As a woman, my ability to feel is part of my genetic makeup. And, as a woman with a balanced masculine side, my intellect tells me that no matter how many times I’m told I’m too being emotional, I’m truly exhibiting my full ability to be human. If one cannot appreciate that I am human, fully human, then obviously they cannot fully appreciate themselves either.

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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