Everyone keeps telling you to wake up, don’t they? Wake up! 11:11, wake up! Wake up!!! But, they aren’t always telling you how. And, sometimes, a person needs their “how” answered before they can do.  Perhaps, I can help.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, whose the fairest soul of all? Well, in this case: you. And, in the attitude of oneness–us. As you, we, and I are one. So, let’s start in the mirror.  I ask that you spend a lot of time in your mirror. –Not to pick yourself apart, but, to connect with the soul behind those eyes you claim to see from. Are you really seeing? The information you get from the mirror, is it your own, or, is it someone else’s  information working through you?

Look into your own eyes. Blink, yes, but, do not look away. Do not avert your own gaze as you search for the soul within and connect to it. I promise you–this works. In fact, if you do this for any extended period of time–yes, even as little as 30 seconds, you WILL connect to your soul. Why??? Simple: it’s been waiting for you to find it.  At first, it may seem unnatural, feel weird, and you may feel extremely naked. And, you are naked, but, there is nothing unnatural about it, its only knowledge that has been lost, and now you’re beginning to remember it, by remembering YOU.

Doing the mirror exercise is like a double edge sword–As, you are reflecting, you will see all of your physical attributes, which can be distracting at best, but, if you look deeper you will see who you truly are, which is far beyond, a perceived blemish, or whatever judgement you have of yourself. You will discover the true beauty of the soul. And, once this connection is made, and practiced, you will find yourself waking up to how the entire world as we were taught, can be seen in truth, by owning and living your own truth.

In a lot of ways, self-reflection is meditation. You (mind), silences itself in the mirror, and just observes what your soul would like to share. No judgement, no arguing, just listening. Listening with passion and vigor. Listen as you would your dearest friend, or loved one–be for yourself, as you would be for someone who asked for your help. Because it’s you that’s asking, and its all of us that benefits.

Your soul will report, all the hurts, the love, the joys, the pain that you’ve endured and have either forgotten, or hidden from yourself. And, when the emotions come, which, yes, they will—experience them, so they can be transformed into useful energy. Yes, it’s energy…it’s all energy, but, when you’re awake, you can decide if the energy you allow into your life is for your highest good, or does it hinder your life experience.

It’s quite possible, at first, that you won’t want to talk about your self-reflection mirror exercise. And, that’s okay, but, the energy will need to come out. I’m avid fan of journaling–I’ve been doing so since the age of 13, I’m 36, now. Journaling allows you to transfer energy from  yourself to a page. And, it too, can be a place of reflection, of analyzing, and of remembrance. Whenever I go back and read old journals, I’m profoundly grateful for what I’ve overcome to be who I AM. 😉

Once you get in the habit of connecting with yourself, with reflecting, understanding and using your power of choice. You will look up, one day, a very ordinary one probably,  and realize something–the world just changed. Why? Because you have. 😉 Perception is reality, remember? Knowing who you are changes your core, and once that has been established, that connection is something you will begin to cherish, love and guard with all you have–and, that’s a lot more than you know. Once you make that  connection, your thoughts are you own to discover. Your opinions, become yours to believe, with no need, nor desire to impose them on someone else. Why should you? You are you, and while you are one with all, you are a unique part of that all.

That’s one way to start, but, no matter the road you take–your awakening will always have YOU at its beginning, YOU at its center, and yes, YOU at the end. So… you ready?? Time to wake up! 🙂

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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