Wrong Turn

And, the short-cuts bypass the finishing line

–Hitting the reset button in its haste.

Failing to find the pearls that lead to the mountain-top,

…Or, shovels that penetrate the depths of ourselves.

Well-heeled, rarely means well-earned…

It garners no silver strands of wisdom–

Flexes no muscle of obstructions overcome.

It leaves no memories to be replayed after sunset.

The chasing of rainbows leaves gray the colors within.

Stolen gold buys sorrow…Freedom earned knows no limit.

The race to find, the Joneses have long since perished…

And, live men compete with ghosts unaware of their existence.

In the blur, you forgot to know yourself, and us all.

You silenced your own voice, and forgot how to speak.

You lost what was real, reflecting nothing and no one.

And, the root of this cause: insecurity.

When the lie infects us, truth becomes our foe.

Falsehoods fattened, robs serenity from sanity…

And, we doubt, we fear, we die in the light of who we are.

Waking into the shell of what we have become.

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