I know…it’s crazy out there. Suddenly, the world isn’t making any sense. And, it’s getting pretty hard to not be depressed. Yes, yes, and yes…all of that is true. But, this truth remains: Life continues. And, while the world, meaning the human species, pays the piper on all the times we ignored problems, swept issues under the rug, and allowed our governments and those in power to run amok–while all of this is going on, life on Terra Earth continues.

Aren’t you sick of the drama?! I know I am. I do not happen to be one of those people who wishes that things would go back to how they were. Why? Simple. We would still end up here! And, therefore, we really need to be honest about how we got here in the first place, and be willing to endure what it will take to get past this.

It’s amazing how humans will apply logic to things that do not directly affect them, but, when the ripple effect comes knocking, we don’t want to answer the door. Right now in the U.S. there’s all this propaganda, hoopla and drama swirling around elections. And, while the mud is being slung to and fro, while people are screaming about how scared we should all be about the future, there are some of us on the sidelines asking: “When will the insanity stop?!” People have spent the better part of the last two decades giving away their power to corporations, government, and anyone else who promises to fill an insecurity in their psyche, and then wonder why they are suffering right now.

There are no victims here. There are insecure people who are now paying for looking outside of themselves to resolve their issues. Every person of power understands that as a species we have insecurities and fears. And, in order to gain control over the masses, people who want power inflate, fan and prey on those insecurities and fears. And, that is how the world became the way it is.

Example A: Someone saw that Suzy felt bad that she had a big butt, so, they sold her  cosmetic surgery. After the tenth one, Suzy realized she had a problem, and wants to sue her doctor for taking advantage of her obvious psychological problem.

Example B: John works as a Fed Ex delivery guy, he does okay, but, feels bad whenever he’s around his friend Allen, because he is a business man and lives in a McMansion. So, then, John goes and buys his own McMansion on credit. Eventually, John falls behind on his mortgage payment and the house is foreclosed on. Now, he wants to sue the bank that gave him his subprime loan to begin with.

Example C: Greg owns his own business has a family, his wife stays home. Greg’s kids are considered popular in school, and his wife is a lady who lunches. What Greg’s family doesn’t know is, business has been bad for quite some time now, and he’s been taking out lines of credit to maintain the families life style. Finally, the truth comes out, and the entire family now has to sell everything they own to get out of debt. Greg and his wife are divorcing now, because of the embarassment she and their children endured.

So, tell me something– who is responsible for the actions of the people in the three examples above??  See, we don’t want to take responsiblity for stupid decisions made in haste, out of insecurity, or, the need to keep up apperances. We want someone else to police us, to parent us, and to clean up our messes. But, the truth is–life has NEVER worked that way, and it never will. If you go to work and do your job, why should I expect to get your paycheck?! On the flip-side, if I’m your company, and I fire you because I’m outsourcing your job, should you just go home sulk and allow it to happen?! Because…That’s exactly what we did. How so?! Well, we continue hire politicians that promise to do one thing for a vote, but, once in office, they make decisions–not for us, but, for the special interest group who bought their campaign while you were home sulking. And, now, we’re mad that the current president doesn’t have a magic wand to make the nightmare end in a little over 2 years in office. LOL…Insanity, impatience, and babies with amnesia!

Stupidy doesn’t reap reward–it reaps woe!

What I’m talking about needn’t be seen on a large scale, but, every scale. For example–if you marry someone with a drinking problem, should you be angry with them, when they wreck the car on your one year anniversary because they were drunk? Hello, you married an alcoholic?!!! Right…the magical wedding ring was supposed to cure all that ails you and them… ugh…people!

At the beginning of every woe, is us making a decision either based in reality, or idealism. And, we have to realize that we are the problem with the world today. Whether it is by consciously being selfish, greedy and all around icky. Or, if its because we are so lazy that we refuse to understand how the world works, how we fit in it, and that power can only be given away, not stolen!

If you couldn’t tell by now…I’m over it. I’m over people complaining, but, doing nothing. Yes, its hard. Yes, it requires adjustment in living, in thinking and in being. And, oh my goodness, it means you have to wake up! Crap!!!! Does that mean you have to accept that people really aren’t always looking out for your best interest?! ‘Fraid so. And, seriously, why would you trust your life, your future and that of your family’s to someone else, rather thing excercising your own mind and your own intuition. Yes, I’m a psychic, I’m a reiki master, but, you know what??!  I confirm, I serve, I provide tools–I don’t do the work for you!  You have to apply yourself! And, that isn’t negotiable.

More work, less Woe!

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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