I think my favorite look is becoming the one where people look at me like I’m some sort of alien…LMAO! I love it… Because it means I’m being true to myself. And, I’m walking my talk, or in my case skipping, dancing, or doing the electric slide. Bottomline is… I’m free of societies constraints of who I should or aught to be.
I’m a rebel simply because I am living in a conscious state pretty much all the time. Who knew that being you–the real version–was an act of defiance? There’s this beautiful being I know that recently stopped hiding “Joseph K”, for all of you who don’t hang out with nerdy eastern europeans… that’s a Kafka reference. The point I’m making is… T’is cool to be yourself, even if other people call being yourself a crime. Who are “those” people anyway but, misereable conformist, who eat, sleep, and live someone else’s “coulds” and “shoulds” without checking within first? And, then they wonder why they aren’t happy or successful when they always follow the rules…. Hello? Um is anyone home?! 
Here’s what’s funny to me… The idea that someone can tell you who you are, and you try an be that person. Seriously…now that you’re reading it, and I’m saying it out loud (so to speak), doesn’t it seem just… I don’t know… ludacris? How can someone outside of you tell you who to be? What right do they have to do that? And…why do people make themselves utterly miserable trying to live up to someone else’s expectations of them? Man… I tell you…we’ve gotten off the path when it comes to individuality. We as a global society… we don’t appreciate the beauty of it, but, the truth is… is cannot be helped, nor stopped. So, therefore, a healing alternative would be to embrace individuality, and find the beauty in it. See… Right now, someone is reading this, and they are doing that “Are you an alien?” look! LMAO!!!! Hmm…well, if I said, “yes”, would that make you pay attention more? Heehee…
I think it’s funny when people attempt to tell me things about myself, as if I don’t pay attention to Monica. Wow… when that happens… I just kinda laugh because unlike most people… I DO PAY ATTENTION to myself. I can tell you a lot about myself that I know for sure, and other things as I discover them. Why? Well, because… I WROTE THE FREAKING BOOK on me! That’s why! Literally and figuratively— I’ve been keeping at journal since I was 13. Yet, in our society… we not only don’t praise individuality, we assume that anyone who isn’t living they way we think they should doesn’t listen. Or, that they are young and clueless, or ignorant, or barbaric, or…. I can assure, you I’m none of those things. And, it’s not something I argue about. You can tell me everything you think you know about me and my behavior, but, I’ll just look at you with the “Are you an alien?” look. Why? Because most people don’t know shit about themselves, so, it’s very unlikely that they can tell me about me! LOL… Oh…in case you’re wondering… it’s the choice to live consciously, and truthfully that gives me the audacity to say what I’m saying. Why do I look like an alien to so many people? Simply put??? Because misery is the norm, and I’m a lot of things, but, that isn’t one of them. 😉
Love Peace Happiness N One.

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