Seriously, I don’t understand why people build dams in their lives. I don’t understand why they try and fight tidelwaves, while others grab a surf board and ride the wave. I don’t understand why we try an go against nature.
News Flash: You cannot go against nature! Stop! And, go with the flow. If you don’t understand the obsession with surfing, snowboarding and a lot of other sports…that’s the secret.
What am I talking about? Life. I’m talking about life. We all say we want certain things out of life, yes? So, why is it that when the universe is working in our favor, we want to fight it? We give lame excuses, like “I’m not ready.” Or, “I can’t because (fill in blank). And, then when we’ve missed the opportunity–assuming we figure that part out, we make up an excuse or two for why we couldn’t show up for our own lives. Me? I’m waxing up my surfboard and I’m riding as many waves as I can. Struggling is…in a word…stupid. It’s a waste of energy. I want to live the life I was meant to, and I’m committed to getting out of my own way to do so.
I surprised someone today, by letting them have their way. I cleared the way for this person to struggle with themselves. I believe the person was utterly confused. In the past, I might’ve given them a struggle, but…nah…it’s a much wiser approach to let them win (if one could call it that). By refusing to partake in the waste of time that would’ve been. Now, this person has no one to fight with–except of course…themselves. A much more formidable opponent then myself. I mean, to be honest, I was just a destraction from the main event to begin with.
Part of going with the flow is knowing your river is yours, if you build a dam, it’s yours to reckon with. No one can do anything about it. So, in the case of that person who won today…well…they’ll get the point, sooner or later. Either way, it effects me little. Like I’ve said before, sometimes winning is losing and losing is winning.
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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