Indeed peoples it it time we recognized the need for balance in the universe. What do I mean by that? What I mean is yen/yang, light/dark, male/female. Does that mean male and female seperately? Nope, not at all. That means, males and female individually. Both, males and females have that goregous chromesome, the X. We share that and there’s a reason why. Because we are both male and female individually– in energy, in behavior, in thought and execution–whether we’re conscious of it or not. Whether we’re using it or not. And, I’m not saving mine for a rainy day!
I am that scary girl–that strong woman. And, I’m finally enjoying that fact. I will tell you exactly what I’m thinking, who I am and what I’m feeling without apology. You can like it or not–agree or disagree. It doesn’t change my need, and desire to be myself in full color. It’s frustrating because our society has twisted the idea of gender roles to the point where we no longer recognize ourselves. Women are way TOO EMOTIONAL screaming, crying with a box of tissues asking, “Why me?!”and guys are becoming ANGRY prisioners of  their shells stomping all over the place, asking “Why me?!”. People, we are in a crisis! This partriarcal thing is way out of hand–it’s not working for anyone! In turn, a complete matriarchal society wouldn’t work either–so, don’t even think that’s what I’m proposing.
I’m for balance. I am for women who kickass, while wearing stillettos  who can stop long enough to cook (if that’s what she wants). I’m for guys who dig sports, digs his woman, and can talk openly about both (if that’s what he wants)–and makes his own damn buffalo wings! Enough of the faking it or sleeping through it, to fit in to a twisted cookie-cutter loving form of society. Enough of this… I’m too cool to care, bullshit! You DO care! I care! And, when the hell can we all tell the truth, be accountable and earn this thing called adulthood?
There’s a few things out of life that we all want: love, happiness, purpose. And, none of those things just come to you. All require that you fully develop your masculine and feminine selves. Each offers, wisdom, grace, and tools you need to have the life you want. Anyone who says otherwise, needs to either get their head checked, or join liars anonymous–because balance is exactly what we’re missing. Life requires that we hunt and gather. People we require we kick-ass (literally and figuratively), love (openly and honestly), nurture (firmly and softly) and communicate (passionately and logically). It requires all of you–and that transcends the idealogies of gender.
I am a force of nature–a force to be reckoned with. All the things that attract people to me are the things that make them shrink in size and run away. LOL  Yeah…I know that too. But, honestly, what does your idea of me have to do with me anyway? Truth? Not much. It is the strenthgh in others that remind us of what we aren’t, or only wish we could be….
Heather (scary girl/strong woman) introduced me to this awesome quote, about the wishbone not being where the backbone should be–and my response…Hell yeah! So, if you’re into scary girls and strong women and so many “claim” they are. You’d better be Compassionate boy/ Loving man–because that’s how you’re going to get her and more importantly, keep her. So…don’t say I didn’t give you a clue. The rest…EARN IT YOURSELF! It’s not a game people! It’s your life–live it!
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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