I’m ecstatic right now because I just got finished grocery shopping, and I’m about to clean The Lilypad. Maybe people don’t have the same feeling about their home as I do. But, my home is my temple, sanctuary and to me is sacred. I imagine I feel about my home, the way some feel about their church, temple, or mosque. But, I have to say—I love this place. As, I’m convinced that your home reflects you. And, right now, my place reflects that I’ve been busy, and that its time I stop, access the situation, and adapt accordingly. Gosh, I’m such a military brat. Heehee.
Needless to say, things have been a bit challenging of late,in probably every aspect of life. We’re watching ourselves slip deeper into a recession, the prices of everyday things going up, joblessness is rising, and to top it all off, we’re in an election year. Oh…and let us not forget five years of two wars. Ick…it’s enough to make you well…sad. And, though I feel compassion ALL the time. I’m not sad. I don’t do sad for very long when I do experience it. I am a total optimist. And, I LOVE IT! And, I have to tell you, I do have a way of finding the silver lining in the darkest of clouds. I mean, clouds–they always pass, and the sun eventually finds its way back to us. Even if you live in a country where you must wait 6mos for it to happen. 😉
I’m also responding to the fact that spring is once again upon us. And, so, now all I can think about is going somewhere. And, somewhere in my mind usually means one of two places: the mountains, or, the beach! As, NYC beaches won’t officially be open for some time, I think it’s time to go “my  mountains”, aka the catskills! Have you ever been somewhere before and just “knew” that–that place belonged to you and you, it? Well, that’s how I feel about the Shawagunks in upstate NY. One of my personal goals in life is to build a house up there out of natural materials. Like, I don’t know a cob house, adobe, type thing… And, oh…lots of space. A minimum of 35 acres. LOL… I’m from the south, I like neighbors, but…I prefer the animal variety. 😉
This is my lake Minnewaska State Park: it’s where I go hiking. The last time I went, I went alone. It was just me, nature, and 8 miles of silence. Incredible!
How can one remain sad, when you live on a planet that provides something so beautiful? Sorry…just can’t do it.
Am I a person without challenges, and momentary disappointments? Nope…I most certainly am not. But, I am a person who finds beauty in all things. And, honestly, I do mean ALL things. I am a person who believes that what seems to be a loss, is probably a win if you just take a different point of view. One of my favorite movies is Dead Poets Society. There was this  teacher in it, who taught critical thinking, in a very conservative private school. At one point, he had his students, standing on his desk to get a different P.O.V. of the world. And, in my favorite scene, he had them ripping out pages of textbooks, with old ideaologies of what poetry is and should be. What’s good is the point of view of someone dead, when I, myself am still very much amongst the living?! What’s the answer to that question??? Easy: Does it really work for me? If not, I’d better create something that does. Libras: People who suck at following rules, respecting authority and conforming. Cardinal sign, aka: LEADERS!
Am I sad that we’re in a recession? I’m annoyed that we’re in an economic system that is terribly broken and instead of fixing it, we keep repeating the same cycles. Am, I sad that prices are going on up on everything? I’m annoyed that we don’t believe in renewing what we use! That argiculture is frowned upon, so we import food, and once upon a time green living was laughed at–until big business figured out how to make it a commodity! Am, I sad that people are without jobs? I’m annoyed that our country’s companies, don’t think enough of us to employ us, while making us pay for the goods they have manufactured overseas, then sell right back to us! See??? Death cycle! I believe not investing in your own country, with jobs, healtcare, and education is severely unpatriotic. I’m hopeful that in time these issues will be corrected by us all. “People over profit”: There’s a slogan for you. And, as I’m confident that more and more people are realizing that they must do something to rehabilitae this ailing way of life, this murmuring unrest we’re all experiencing–I’m not sad. I’m excited.
Life in all its glory can be precieved in many ways. But, I like to think of it as an adventure in which all things are meaningful, all circumbstances provides lessons, and all is exactly as is should be, or, it would not be so.
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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