Dude…it’s almost 2am, and I’m rather giddy about the night I just had. One of my best friends and I went to The Nightmare house on LES and had soo much fun! It’s year two for us, thus… another nerdy tradition might be forming. Ah…life is good.

The weather was perfect for a good scare–pouring all day, it was dark. The leaves are covering asphalt and concrete like a comforter on a bed. I FREAKIN love Autumn and full moons, harvest moons, whispering winds, and nights like this where the energyis so high its almost tangible. Before we went to the haunted house we did a very G&M kinda thing–we had tea and desert! LOL… Somehow, we’ve managed to blend little old lady traditions, with our full-on geek-girlyisms and have become three dimensional… However do we do it, this woman thing? Um…when I know the answer, I promise to share! Anyway, big up to Teany on the LES, I love lapsang soo shang tea, so I had something called a Russian Caravan. Oh…eastern europe…you’ve been so good to me in so many ways…

So, the haunted house rocked. Was it scary? Yes! Parts of it was. And, the actors did such great work. Although, I um…almost walked out of it with two new boyfriends. One, was a guy dressed in all black, who insisted on having his face so close to mine that we were almost conjoined. So, what did I do? Well, at first, I laughed…a lot. Then…heehee…I started petting his face. I said to Gene, “Why do I feel like I wanna make out with this guy?” (Yes, I’m a weirdo, thank you! I know!) And, then he says…”Hey, we could do that!” LOL… And, then, there was the crazy butcher guy who kept popping up in the maze, and he told Gene…”Leave her with me!” And, another time when the lights went out he appeared again and says to me… “Alone at last!” And, I giggled and said…”Mmm…nice isn’t it?!” LOL… (Yes, I am an insatiable flirt–sue me!) But, alas…I had to leave my ghoulish sutors at the haunted house… Ho hum… they make more, don’t they?! Heehee!

On the walk home from the subway in BK, I was listening to Dave Matthew Band, and enjoying the dark, silence and the rustling wind of my neighborhood. There’s just something about walking around my ‘hood at the witching hour, donning the hoodie, and realizing that you’re completely alone on the street in a very crowded city! I actually took a moment, looked at the fall-splashed leaves of a tree, took a deep  breath and giggled and said, “God… I just love my city! I love it” It was hard coming back inside…I felt like I should stay out and play in the silence and dark. But, alas…I’m in, and taking care of my sniffles. Life…is sooo awesome. Silence is amazing, and appreciating it in all its splendor…well that takes a lot discipline and even more practice.

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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