I won’t be apologizing for what I’m about to tell you. This is about “the blame game”.  A horrible game that we play with ourselves and each other, so that we can avoid being responsible for our own actions.

It’s becoming a theme, you know? Not just with me, but, with life-coaches, spiritual-advisors, self-help books, etc. We’re asking you to take responsiblity for yourselves? Why? The short answer?? Because it’s yours anyway–you might as well own it.

Now, before I get started, I am not talking about babies, innocent children, or those with no voice to speak. I am talking about people who make choices, don’t like the consequences of those choices and swear how, “It’s not my fault!” I’m looking at you! Yes, and I’m not going to blink, or avert my eyes. I’m looking at you, and I’m talking to you.

It is apart of the human ego for us to want our way, all the time. And, it is the divinity in us that recognizes that as long as another being is involved in this desire, chances are you won’t be getting your way all the time. And, that’s a good thing!

We are living in interesting times indeed. Where we are being faced with the harsh realities of mass consciousness, and how it is exercised–for better or worse. In this country, we are collectively experiencing our collective neglect of our duties as citizens. We’re frustrated by the lack of jobs, the debt and all sorts of other things. But, if we’re honest with ourselves, we’d admit that this phenomenon didn’t happen over night. And, while it was happening, a lot of us weren’t paying attention, because we were under the impression that we wouldn’t be affected. Um… Surprised?! Well, we shouldn’t be. It’s only logical that when you allow greed to go unchecked or regulated, that the whole will suffer. If you didn’t know it before, perhaps you understand better now–we are one.  And, we are interconnected.

 No one consciously wanted to be out of work, or to be in a situation where your mortgage is so outrageously high that it has to be foreclosed on. But, when regulations of companies were being battled on Capital Hill, where were you? How did you vote? Did you protest, sign a petition, or call your state representative? How about when the “bling” mentatlity was being sold by every commercial, magazine cover, entertainmnet television show, etc–did you watch? Did you buy into the illusions?? Did you let your insecurity get the better of you and your wallet? Or, did you live within your true means?

It’s so easy to blame corporations, the government, etc, but, at some point in time we also made the choice to play this dangerous game, and we are all suffering for it. And, no, ignorance is no longer an excuse. It’s never been wise to assume that anyone other than yourself has your best interest at heart. You have to treat yourself like the divine, precious, jewel you are–let them earn you, no matter who they are!

Today, someone took their life frustrations out on me. They wanted me to treat them in a way, that they have never treated me. I don’t do that. I’m always civil, but, I do not kow-tow, kiss ass, or shrink my divine light to make you feel better about yourself. As that would be disrespectful to me. Once upon a time, this person was “somebody” in the work world. And, that is no longer the case. They still do well, by normal standards, but, have been stripped of their imaginary power. And, their ego has been suffering ever since. I’ve watched this person slowly slip into a depression of sorts. As, they do not know themselves without this so-called power, or being on top, or always the winner. Its almost as if they have no identity at all. Mind you, there are no health issues, no family issues, no real money problems–you know all the things that everyone else has been petrified of?? Okay, maybe there was a pay cut, maybe that person can’t retire at 50. So, adjust, why don’t you? Redefine who you are to yourself, how you see yourself, and the reality you live in. Because neither I, nor the world owe it to you to maintain your fantasy of yourself. We don’t have to to that. And, I most certainly won’t.

But, theres’ more, isn’t there? Not just our jobs, but, our relationships. I was married once. And, it was good when it was, and bad when it was. And, I’m grateful for the experience, because I learned that if two people aren’t working on the issues in a relationship–it’s over. Whether you recognize that or not, is a whole other show. But, we do it, have done it, and some are doing it right now. They are staying in an unhealthy situation blaming the other person, or their children, or money, for doing so. But, uh, uh my dear–its you. You’re staying for fear of the unknown.  –A life without that person, the relationship, and the version of yourself while in it. Some people are so afraid of starting over, they torture themselves with more of the same.

The truth is–the gifts of divine will, free will and choice are always at work. We may not always like the results, but, we’re always at the steering wheel. And, therefore, your life will go in the direction you choose to walk. And, no one else is responsible for that.

If you don’t like who you’ve become–change your mind about yourself. Find the love, the forgiveness and the imagination for a better future for yourself, as you would an innocent child. And, be just as protective. If you aren’t happy where you are–be somewhere else.

Do not let fear stand in the way of your happiness. It’s been said before, and will be again– Happiness is your birthright. It’s natural. Through the living of life itself, we get confused about what it means for us to be happy. But, in my experience, I’m most happy when I’m taking responsibility for myself, and being who I truly am. It’s as simple as you allow it to be. Yes, people will blame you for their shortcomings, but, you don’t have to accept it–return to sender! Seriously! Do not argue about it, as that too, implies you’re considering taking some of the blame–don’t. It may not always make you popular, but, it will keep you more peaceful, and drama-free! And, those to things are priceless.

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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