Answer: Me! If that is not your answer…um… it pains be to say this…but, you’ve got issues! Your life, is what you make it. I know, I know, people say this all the time. There’s some fortune cookies that have this saying stuffed in their little buddha bellies, but, kids…it’s the truth! No one can write your life story but, you, even if you’d like to think otherwise, at the beginning and ending of everyday, you are the star and the writer of your story. So, the next question is: What will todays passage be about? Will it be about you making headway in the journey we call life? Will it be about giving away your power to someone else, and claiming victim? Will it be about going after what you want? Or, will it be about the same thing it was about in yesterday’s passage? Anyone fond of the phrase, “same shit, different day”…is probably not having the best time on their adventure.
Why is what I’m saying important? It’s important because your life is your pages to fill, but, if you refuse to pick up the pen, or type words to the screen–like I told my neice…SOMEONE ELSE WILL DO IT FOR YOU. They will tell you who you are, who you aren’t. They will tell you what you like, what you don’t. They will tell you what you believe, what makes you happy, what makes you sad…etc. They will make you up in their heads, in their stories, and tell you to play that part. And, some of you reading this know what I’m talking about. As we all have had the chance try an be the person somone else has conjured. And, you know what??? It always…SUCKS!
But, seriously, if you aren’t owning your pen, defining yourself for youself, what else can other people do, but, make you up? And, how can you define yourself if you aren’t doing the research? News flash: We are not simple animals. We’re very complicated. [Did I just call us animals??? I did. It’s a little pet peeve of mine for people to forget that we’re apart of the animal kingdom. We’re apart of the planet–not the other way around. Try breathing without the earth, the plant kingdom or the animal kingdom. Actually…don’t, because you can’t.] The human animal has a tendency to forget that we’re more than intellect, physiological and ego. We’re intuitive, spiritual and emotional. Question: Do you know all those aspects of yourself? Sadly, most people don’t. They know there is stuff going on that deep, but, they don’t want to know what it is. Here’s where it becomes sad and funny. People actually think that not knowing all aspects of yourself  can be avoided without consequence. Uh…no. There is an illusion of duality in the world that has misguided us for a long time. Things like good/bad, dark/light, male/female (that’s a big one). But, honestly…like the yen/yang symbol, they are both necessary and they are one. Much like the sun and moon balance out the day, not to mention the planet itself..or the universe. IMHO (in my humble opinion)…there is only love, and because love is so powerful…it can cause us to do a lot of things if we haven’t mastered our ego and emotions. Love is all there is. It’s always there, even when it seems as if it’s not. And, we all require it, whether we want to admit it or not. Lack of love (for oneself mostly) can cause darkness and we may choose some very selfish methods of acquiring love, or…try to replace it with something else. And, that is when love becomes dark–thus evil, or…bad, or whatever. And, with each act of how we deal with love (it is the center of all things), we define ourselves more and more. The cool thing about being the author of your own life story is–you decide how the story will play out. Today, you can be an asshole, tomorrow, a bodhi…. when you define yourself, you have that power. That is the power we were all given the moment we breathed the first breath of life.
Mind you, not everyone will agree with how you write your story. They’ll want to trim here, censor there, edit…rewrite, etc. and my response to that is…who’s story is this, and is the author writing the truth? Not to mention, if people spent more time writing their own stories, they couldn’t find time to be interested in yours! It’s so easy to criticize when you’re living life on the sidelines, isn’t it?
Am I right??? Yes. Is this popular? No. Is it easy? Absolutely not! But, it is completely worth it??? More that words could ever capture. And, once you own your pen, no one can you make you feel or do anything you haven’t written. We are all one, but, we still get our own supplies to create our lives– making the biggest collage you’d ever imagine. Now that’s beautiful and totally worth writing about.
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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