Oh…it’s sooo broken, the system is sooo broken. That stupid “bailout”, “rescue” or whatever… was a hustle. But, eh… you knew that didn’t you? I read somewhere today that the losses of retirement funds over the last ten months are double-digited in the trillions today. Yeah… Eggs… there will be a lot more of those breaking soon. And, if you’re smart, you’ll really get into eating omlettes.
WTF are you talking about Monica??? I’m stating in simple language that the jig is up, and that dog won’t hunt. There’s no coming back from this… There’s only going forward. There are too many things happening on the planet simultaneously for us to think that things will “go back” to the way they were. Nope. I don’t think so. We’ve got the convergence of war, weather, and financial meltdowns. The very foundations of our lives and belief systems are being challenged. And, perhaps now would be a good time for people to realize that if they don’t change as individuals, the currents of change will drown them.
It’s all interconnected. Think about it. How many times was there a problem with rip-currents this summer? How many people were warned about the choppy water, only to ignore the warning and not survive the rip currents? When all they had to do was go with it, until they could swim away. That is a perfect analogy for our current situation. The building blocks of how people live their lives are being taken away one at a time. There are two choices: 1. Go down with the old. Or, 2. Create the new. It’s been here for some time, this silent scream saying that we need to create a new paradigm, a new way and (because I’m a Star Wars geek) a “New Hope.”
I was in the mountains over the weekend. And, once again, I became convinced that this planet already provides us with everything we’ll ever need. And, we, as humans are too “above it all” to see the abundance we’ve wasted. On my 6.6 mile hike I saw my very first water spring. Yep, right there on the side of a trail a natural water spring, which of course meant there was a pool of water right below the surface. I saw, rock formations that nature provided as steps to ease my journey. I saw berries, fungi and all sorts of things, that if I hadn’t lost the knowledge; I could eat. And, the views… omg… they made me cry.
My weekend with my friends was a microcosm of community. Each of the four of us contributed to the weekend, through provision and service. It all sounds so simple doesn’t it? I mean, sharing food, shelter and providing service simply because that’s what a community requires??? Here’s the thing… this is what we’ve lost! We’ve lost the desire to “be of service”! Everyone wants to come to the party, but, no one wants to contribute anything! It can’t go on. When we forget the little things in life, like: clean air, fresh water, and doing what needs to be done without resentment… Big things must happen to help us remember.
I, for one, won’t miss greed, entitlement, racism, sexim, ageism. I won’t miss healthcare and education as a commodity. I won’t miss the hustling of my fellow human, or my planet. I won’t miss what has clearly been some of the darkest times of our existence on this planet.
I look forward to people being forced to take responsiblity for themselves, and for all lies to be exposed. I look forward to people understanding that real leaders, are also good followers when its necessary. I look forward to a time, when people are as proud of their ability to serve the whole, as they are about standing apart from it. I look forward to the pyramid scheme way of life being buried under the sands of change and evolution. It’s about freaking time! It’s coming, it always does. Some will see broken eggs in what I’m saying. Me? I see breakfast! LOL!
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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