Well, I’m just wrapping up a very productive day. I spent the day at the research library with my business partner, doing research on the apparel industry. Afterward, we rewarded ourselves with dinner–I had steak. Real women who eat and have the curves to prove it– are hot! LOL…
Anyway, one of the things Gene and I discussed is the oddity of people who want to fit in doing things to stand out. Now, New York City is the perfect place to observe this interesting contradiction. If you’ve ever been here, or Venice Beach or anyplace that has a certain art scene you’ll see people who are expressing themselves in a certain way. And, hey, I am one of those people so, obviously I have no issue with that. But, I’m talking about people who conform to ideas, idealologies, and identies to what’s socially acceptable, and yet, do all sorts of things to their bodies that really kind don’t make sense. We saw a person today that had unfortunately gotten her head too close to some peroxide and identifed too much with Darryl Hannah in blade runner. And, she looked ridiculous. Yet, in sharp contrast she was wearing a very trendy sundress, that looked like a yurt because she looked like she hadn’t eaten in years! Hmm… Don’t get it.
Here’s my thing, wouldn’t it be easier to just be who you are from the inside out and let that be the differentiating factor between you and others rather than your hair color, eye color or clothes? We aren’t alike at all. What we have in common most is that we belong to the humanoid species, after that we’re totally different. We have different brains, personalities, thought processes, and on and on. Yet, these are the things that we are constantly modifying to fit into some imaginary group–we do this to the very essence of ourselves! So, when we cannot make peace with our internal warfare, we act out in order to be noticed or thought of as an individual. Come on that’s what being a teenager is all about, right? So, what happens when you aren’t a teenager anymore? Is the purple-haired, pierced up, doc marten wearing, punk still you? If so, cool… I love alternative culture. But, if not…dude…what are you doing?! You aren’t fooling anyone.
Now, some of you know that I have three tattoos, six earring holes (used to be seven, but, my hair kept pulling it out! Boo!), and a belly piercing, I’ve had my hair an extreme red, and when I was a makeup artist, everyday was a glitter day! I miss that! Thing is, I’m a complicated person. So, truly for me, the idea is to be comfortable no matter what I’m wearing, or not wearing for that matter. I’ve learned that my being myself no matter what is what makes me stand out. And, if you really knew me, than the Metallica profile song wouldn’t surprise you, nor my love for DMB, or Ella Fitzgerald. I’m a nice mix of many things, and sometimes there’s just no rhyme or reason to any of it. I think “reason” is overrated anyway. Heehee.
 Its just that I am not that interested in meeting someone else’s idea of “normal” or “acceptable”. If I was supposed to be like everyone else, then there’d be no reason for me to be born at all. I mean, there’s been countless people that were born before me, and many after. So, therefore, I must be here because no one can do a better job of being me than me! This is gonna sound kinda odd, but, for me my tattoos are sacred. And, if you knew anything about the history of tattoos from a tribal standpoint, you’d know that tattoos are suppose to mean something. And, all of mine, when understood, gives you more insight to who I am. And, I’ve come to realize that my hair will always be either red, or black until I get really silvery. Then…I think we’ll just go platnium–can’t wait for that. And, no, not platnium blonde–real platnium. Think…X-men! Heehee…
My recent horoscope says that for the rest of the year, I’m going to be challenging the status quo. My response??? In the words of Mr Big, “Ab-so-fucking-lutely!” I have issue with how the world has been. I’m tired of the “getting over”, the selfishness, the self-interest, the constant lying and the coma that the collective unconscious has been in for far too long. Being on the outside, the fringe, the minority…yeah, that’s where I’m the most comfortable. I’d be greatly concerned for myself if I looked like I fit into this mockery of a show we are calling our lives these days. All you people who are looking, dressing and acting the part of happy–um, I want a refund. Your acting stinks! The point of acting is…I’m supposed to believe you! And, just because you’re wearing “the right” shoes, “the right” clothes, saying “the right” things doesn’t mean it’s right with your soul. And, yeah…it shows.
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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