I dunno…maybe Labor Day really does mean labor, and not relaxation, because I got a lot done this weekend. I truly didn’t rest at all, but, the trade off was well worth it.
Holla at my best friend Jorge, who I supposedly was helping to pack, but, ended up drinking with and catching up on current episodes of our lives, and reflecting on times gone by. Yeah man, I love my friends so much, I do help them pack, and in some cases do laundry, although…Jorge tends to push it! LOL 
Many props to my best friend Gene, who hauled ass to Long Island with me yesterday, proving that yes, she is a best friend, and so am I. And, I, too am convinced that Broadway Junction fell into a rupture in the space/time continium. We DID NOT stop there the first time.
Much love to my boy, Gilbert and his beautifu finace, Karma for the lovely BBQ on Sunday. I’m glad Manny (their cat) found his way back into the house after those two street fights. I was scared for him!
That, people was Saturday, Sunday and Monday in no specific order. And, yet…I got other work done.  Looks like more pieces are coming to be collected by me. People are seeking me out, to help me get my movie and store off the ground. And, I’m meeting a lot of amazing and talented artist who I’m sure, I’ll be working with in the near future. Speaking of: One love to Jendog…an amazing soul that vibed with me today. Don’t know who she is??? Oh..that’s only a matter of time. I’ll introduce you. Heehee.
You ever get that feeling that you need to just stay inside and incubate for a minute??? I started feeling that way on Sunday…so, I’m going to be streamlining my life to focus on what kind of picture all these pieces make together. We’ve got musicans, actors, writers, rappers, money people, poets galore…and more to come. Hmm…lots of pieces…lots of pieces… There’s a movie that will be made and a store that will be opening… Yeah…give me a minute, I’ll get this.
In the meantime, I’m surrounding myself with positive people and positive energy. Lately, anyone who isn’t like minded is falling off the map. Thank you, I appreciate it. I no longer have to figure out the real from the fake, given enough time, they reveal themselves. And, any who have tried to get over have found themeselves without. Greed has never been good, and always leaves you empty-handed in the end. There’s been a switch, a shift, and scenarios are playing out faster and faster. So, come kids…let’s be fair, play nice, so that everybody wins. In the meantime, I gotta look at these pieces.
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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