As the year comes to a close, and because I’ve been reporting my own personal changes… I’ve been repeatedly been asked what I feel is up ahead. I know you all want me to say “smooth sailing”, but, I cannot say that. As, it isn’t the case in the slightest. What’s up ahead is the rockiest, shiftiest, most challenging energies to date. And, why is that? It’s because these energies are new, and we don’t understand how they work, or how to work with them.

Recently, I have noticed my patience with the oblivious, self-centered, and unconscious people of my day-to-day life, has all but, disappeared. And, this is a good thing. We are at a time where this kind of behavior is going to be called-out more and more. We do not, as a planet, as a species have time for those who’d like to remain asleep, who are under the delusion that the rest of us are not here, don’t matter, and that they aren’t apart of “All there is.” And, what these people do not understand is that there is a price to pay for choosing to remain unaware. And, now, more than ever it’s becoming clear that there are those who are fighting to stay asleep, as there are those who are fighting to wake up. Do you see what I’m saying??? Conflict of consciousness, spirit, and yes, humankind. But, this should come as no surprise, assuming you’ve been watching what’s going on in the world on a global scale. Everything and everyone has officially been affected.

So, what should you do? Be who you truly are, without question, compromise, and most of all…without permission. The divine spark of which you are apart of, if listened to and honored will lead you to choosing the highest potentials for yourself. And, I want to stress that it’s what you choose for you–not the rest of us. People still have serious problems understanding they hold no dominion over one another. Get it into your head, and grow a garden with it–you own, need, hold sway over no one, and nothing! Period. The best you can do, is be your true self, live your life with integrity, honesty, and divinity–and, if people want to, they will see you and, they will choose to learn by your example. And, while that’s all nice and ego-stroking… It ain’t the point of why you’re here… You’re not here for me, neither am I here for you. You, like me, are here for yourself. Oh shit, I just dropped another spiritual bomb, didn’t I?? …And, so it is… Because that is why you’re here. Your divine, immortal, spirit wanted to have a (read: another) human experience, so here you are… Now, some may still be working out some karmic issues, and others are here to help evolve the creature we call human, on the planet we call earth, to our next level or, ascend. In other words: evolve. Oh, now come on, you couldn’t have thought that the planet, the animals, or us…the other animals had stopped growing, or evolving… I mean, science–yes, sometimes I pay attention to them–even they are noticing changes in our world, and us that they are still trying to figure out.  So, yes…we’re still in the midst of growth.

I also want to clarify divinity… I feel my divinity when I take deep breaths, listen into the “silence”, and allow myself to be and say what is needed. I also feel it when I’m allowing spirit to guide me, or tell me what’s going on from their vantage point. I don’t know about you, but, being human can be quiet confusing. It’s nice to have access to different point of views, and allow myself to “discern” what’s right for me. Divinity, when true in one’s self has such clarity, light and joyfulness, that you wonder why the heck you spent so much time looking for it outside yourself, when it was within you the entire time.

I’m giving all of this information now, because we are closing out the convergence year, the year of the masters, the ’11 year. And, very shortly, we’ll be in the ’12 year… the 3 year, 1+2=3 manifestation –numerologically speaking…and, add in the 2…2+0+1+2= 5… magnetic. So, let’s see…what you manifest (3), you will also attract (5)… Get it? So, look at your life, here and now–how clean is your hogan? Do you want to take whatever it is, or, whomever it is you’re dealing with into this next year, so, that you can keep attracting that energy over and over and over?! No??? Well, now you understand, why I and so many others have been asking you to lighten your load, get rid of what doesn’t work, and keep what does! Whether its your own tendencies, people, stuff, jobs, or whatever… let it go! If it’s clear that things are getting faster, more hectic, and changing with great velocity and speed…wouldn’t you prefer to be in a place where you can thrive rather than simply “survive” it?!

You will find, that things that seemed to matter so much lose their “wow-factor”, to borrow a phrase from my BFF. My holiday season was amazing–it had peace, silence, holiness, because I created those things for myself. No lights, tree, or a shitload of useless materialism was needed. I found this year, I was utterly repulsed by those things. The assault on the senses of the media and capitalism monster turned me completely off. It started around Thanksgiving, and hasn’t let up since. They are trying to tell me how to feel, how to spend my money, and basically get me into debt, by feeding a consumer-debt economy, that’s on it’s last legs. No, no thank you. I choose love–love of my own inner peace, love of my well-being, and love of having to owe excess money to no one –except my student loans. 😉  If you eat or drink the poison, expect to become sick.

Who you are now, isn’t who you’re going to be in this upcoming year. It won’t be possible. So, for the love of yourself, of your sanity, of your well-being–flow. When it feels as if you are overwhelmed in some way, in some aspect of your life–you are being asked to change. Just…go with it. Resisting will only cause pain for you–and, while I will feel horrible on your behalf, I will not be stopping my journey to get you. This is how I help: This blog, my readings, my conversations, and, the living of my life–this is how I help. Notice, I don’t require you to read this blog, nor get a reading, or even talk to me–hey, you can ignore me if you want. The choice is yours to be here. The choice is yours to grow, prosper and change… All of this is your choice. I, along with spirit, light beings far and wide have enough love for you, as part of “all there is” to say…”this way… this way… it’s over here”, but, in accordance with universal law, we cannot make you do anything against your free will. So, when you succeed…it’s all you! 🙂 When, you fall short—Um… it’s all you as well. 🙁 But, it’s never a done deal, and you can always change now, by choosing differently in the NOW. Isn’t that lovely?

So, for those of you who thought it’s going to get better, you’re right–it is. For those of you who hoped it would be easier–well, define “easy”. Easy means, you’re going with the current, so, if that’s what you meant–YAY, you’re right! For those who thought “easy” meant you could do the following: sit on your ass, stay asleep, not show up, not make choices, not take responsibility for your actions, or in-actions, or, for those who refuse to hold themselves accountable—I have really awful news…if you thought life was kicking your ass before—it’s about to be a lot worse. But, hey…that’s the choice you make when you see, feel, hear the call to change, and you ignore it.

So…happy new year souls. Ascension/evolution/growth/change continue… If you’re going to be here now… get used to it. If you want to have a good time with it… embrace it and allow with force and vigor! Namaste.

Love Peace Happiness N One,




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