We doubt ourselves. We doubt our resilience, our ability to problem-solve and find the answers. But, when we push beyond the doubts, the fear of failure, and the what-ifs that’s when we discover who we really are, and how far we truly can go.

It’s a tough time for many, on so many levels and in so many places. But, like that saying goes, “When you’re at the end of your rope, tie a knot and hold on!” It’s in times of peril, of doubt, of the unknown that you must go within and decide what will be. But, most of all, when you look at what’s ahead, and perhaps the picture is unclear, you have a choice in that moment to decide how you will react once things finally do become clear. As that decision will define what could be a breakthrough, or a breakdown.

The truth about life is, nothing, absolutely nothing stays the same. Just when you think you’ve figured something out, it morphs into something else. The way to navigate it, is to understand, that things will never stay the same, ever, and you will not either–no matter what. In times of testing, whether it be financial, personal, spiritual, career-wise, etc… that’s when you learn about who you are to your core. And, unfortunately, most people aren’t trained, disciplined, or aware enough to understand, that if you want to be prepared for peril, you must  prepare when things are “good”. When it’s “bad”, you’re playing catch-up, and a lot of people will simply get “caught”.

When it’s time for us to change on a “collective” level. The change starts as a slight whisper at  the bottom of the ocean. Most people will ignore it, pretend it isn’t there, and try to move on with their “norm”. The whisper becomes a murmmer–still, people crank up the noise, the drama, and do their best to ignore what’s going on around them. And, then finally the murmer becomes a scream and the scream is deafening, there is no ignoring it, there is no pretending its not there, as it consumes all the silence, until the scream is the only thing left. See, the truth is, there is no choice in change, it will and must be. The choice is in how we react to it.

We’ve been given so many tools to hinder ourselves from accepting change. Everything from pharmaceuticals, to fundamental religion,  to bad relationships, to becoming overworked, and the creation of everyday, useless drama, to keep change away. But, guess what??? It still comes, and the more you resist, the more compounded the so-called “burden” becomes.

You know, at first, I felt sorry for people who resisted what was clearly a clarion call to move beyond the predictable. But, as time goes by, as I personally continue to seek more from myself as a person–I find it harder to feel bad for those who resist. In fact, what I feel bad about is the self-inflicted wounds suffered by those who won’t go with change. And, I want to mention that “change” and “evolution” truly are that same side of one coin. You cannot gain more, without becoming more.

The illusion, in my opinon, is that we are entitled to all the abundance change brings, without the necessary growing pains. It’s kind of like trying to get paid without doing any work. It won’t happen. And, even if it does, it’s only a debt, you’ve incurred that will have to be repaid at some later date. And, rarely, do these kinds of things come back through the front door. Most times, you will not see it coming.

There is no wisdom without work. There is no reward without some sort of discomfort. There’s no getting around “pain” in it’s various forms, but, there is getting through pain. There is growing stronger from pain. And, I’m not referring to the slogan version of how we think of pain. I’m talking about the natural progression of life.

Learning to walk is one of the first courageous acts of a child. It’s hard! And, if you’ve ever seen a baby trying to crawl, you’d know. The muscles are for the most part jello, they haven’t developed motor-skills, but, they dont’ care. A crawl is funny, as it first starts with the upper-body dragging the baby’s lower body. Then, the toes get in on the action… Then the lower body starts doing what it’s told. Then before you know it, the muscles have developed enough for the baby to get on all fours and crawl! Think about it, that’s movement, yet, (we) the babies, don’t stop. The crawl one day, no day in particular, is no longer enough for (us) the baby. And, so, now, it’s the pulling up and bracing against something to stand. I’ve seen this so many times, and I adore the sheer stubborness of a baby, that is defying gravity in it’s campaign to walk. And, then one day…standing! Then…walking, and years later… We never think about the pain that started it all. That–that is the natural progression of change! It’s a beautiful process. A process that we’ve all gone through at some point in time. Yet, we are definant, spirited, and resilent as a species. We all have the capacity to figure it out, to withstand hardship and flourish in defiance. The key is simple…push yourself, don’t settle for what is, move toward what can be, because it will change, with or without your permission.

Love Peace Happiness N One.


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