It’s such a time of great insanity going on around me. The world continues to change on both a microcosmic and macrocosmic level. Truly, one is but, a mirror of the other zoomed in, or out, depending on which one we’re focused on.

Barack Obama’s inarguration is quite the symbol of the change that we as a global community are beginning together. And, while the change itself is inevitable, how we react to change is our personal choice. Whether it be to the loss of a job, a home or a loved one. All of us, are experiencing this both individually and together. I believe that the most positive approach will have the most positive results. And, the most negative approach, will have negative results.

For quite some time now, I’ve been questioning why people react so poorly to change, why they resisit it so much. It is one of the most inevitable, predictable events in our lives. It’s only natural, yet we resist. Simply put: We do not trust the unknown, and what we cannot control. But, the truth is, the unknown will only be so, until it is no longer. At some point, we’ll always know the answer. Accepting that, can help us release the urge to control things.
All of us are aware that the times we live in are an evolution of another time. That our generation came after another, and precedes yet, another. And, still, we throw temper tantrums as if where we are right now, is the only place to be. Which of course it is, it’s just that NOW is a moving target. And, you’re either with, or behind it. And, then there are those who are ahead of it. 😉

I feel like I need to discuss death. Perhaps you don’t know this, but, N.E.R.D. stands for No one Ever Really Dies. That’s Pharrell and Chad’s crew, when they aren’t producing for other people. And, I agree with that. We aren’t our bodies. The body’s job is to house the soul. We are energy. And, for those who’d like to argue that, ask yourself, why is when we go into chartiac arrest, doctors want to shock us back to life? Or, why are magnets being used in medicine? Or, machines used to measure heart beats, etc.?

 When I was 15, my grandmother died in a very public place. She had a heart attack outside a shopping center and I watched them trying to bring her back to life, with those electric paddles on her chest. Needless to say, if we don’t want to come back, we don’t have to. We aren’t our bodies, we are something much more. Therefore, the only thing that does die, is your vessel–the place where energy is kept on this plane. I don’t mourn like I used to. I miss the energy of my loved ones, but, I think we’ve all had the feeling in our lives where the human body has, at times, felt claustrophobic, and heavy. It’s not so much the leaving that upsets us, it’s the idea that we’ll never see our loved ones again. I have thoughts on that too…but, another time.

I suppose we could all get twisted, depressed and fearful of the changes we’re about to go through. But, I choose differently. I’m not naieve about where our world was headed. We’d all become too gluttonous with the need to consume, impress, show-off, bling. We’d become obsessed with possesing things, rather than cherishing the things that cannot be bought. Everyday, we’d create new problems, just so we could make life interesting, because we’d all gotten bored. And, now, finally, the jig is up. The illusion is breaking like mirrors in a funhouse. And, the reality isn’t funny, it’s upsetting. But, only because we didn’t move out of the way, when we all saw it coming.

What am I saying??? What’s happened is everyone’s fault. When you have a voice, and you don’t use it, you are in agreement. Plain and simple. You might’ve thought you were avoiding suffering, pain, or disappointing someone. But, in truth, you were just putting it off for another day. And, today, in this time, is the time of reckoning. There is no more space under the bed to shove things under, the closet is overflowing and the rug is the dirt, not hiding it. So, you can throw yourself in the floor, scream, cry and flop about like a fish out of water. But, after all of that, there will still be a lot of work to do, both individually and collectively.

Things will have to get worse before they get better. The bottom has to be reached before we can return to the top. Each wave that touches the beach, started deep in the dark womb of the ocean. Midnight must come before a new day can break. That is how things work here. That is how change works. And, whether we realize it or not–accept it or not, that’s how we as a species work. Roll up your sleeves, and enjoy the evolution.

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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