So, there you have it everyone… While in England they keep astrologers as advisors, we in this country laugh at the idea of advice from astrologers. Why does this matter?  Let me introduce you to something called a mercury retrograde. Perhaps then you’ll know why I knew the bail out of wallstreet would never work! Coincidence??? Only if you still beleive in those. Miscommunication was running amok between the government officials, between the public and the government. And, so this bailout went bust. Someone said to me yesterday it was a horrible time for an election. Oh no, the timing couldn’t be more perfect. See, it’s always fun and games until someone gets hurt, right? So, now everyone on the hill is worried about their gig, because the game is indeed over! And, we just don’t have the sense of humor we used to. PERFECT!
Here’s the bottom line… The blueprint has to be thrown out! The infrastructure of how business is done in this country has been screaming for an overhaul for quite sometime. And, rather than creating, innovating and respecting the winds of change, the Captains of Industry have been trying to hold on to power that was never their’s to begin with. I mean the econom was fundamentally sound until the people at the top of the pyramid were finally suffering they way the bottom two levels had been for years! And, now…its serious!
I don’t know how anyone in good conscience could tell people near the brink that they need to bail out those who stole from them. No, we’re not just talking about money, but, education, healthcare, and a myraid of other things. Who are these people and what makes them think they are so entitled?!!! THIS IS WHAT WE NEED TO BE ASKING OURSELVES!
Since the beginning of time, humans have been trying to hold dominion over one another and basing the logic on anything from skin color, to gender, to education, to eye color, religion…anything, anything, ANYTHING to avoid admitting…we’re the same! We’re all equal! I find this very funny this CRISIS. I mean isn’t there always a crisis of some sort? A food shortage??? Or, is it hoarding? A gas shortage??? Or, is it lack of funds to research other means of fuel? Lack of healthcare? Or, it is our very lives have become a commodity? No funds for education??? Or, is it stupid people mean cheap labor, and an easy hustle?
Greed…it goes so much deeper than we realize. But, not to worry, it is currently finding light. And, people are starting to wake up to realize that no only have they been duped, they have been so for centuries. The many must be uncomfortable so that the few have more than thier share. Uh uh…come again. The Obros has finally choked and is puking up the truth.
Credit isn’t CASH. Never has been and never will be. And, if credit cannot be backed up by physical assets, then it’s worthless. A crash course in economics brought to you by…YOURSELVES! Some people love the way snakes charm, the way they sing to you and tell you to over-extend your finances. A bigger house, for your small ego. Some bling to outshine your insecurity. A faster car, to outrun your feelings of being inadequate. Oh…they did it too you!? They fooled you?! I don’t think so. Chuck D told you “Don’t believe the hype!” So…what happened? Ah yes, the idea that they “The Captians of Industries”, “The Elite” would let you in and allow you to look down on your peers and drink from their fountain of greed. Invest in the greed–“Greed is good!” Yeah??? How’s it tasting now? Like cake? How about a New York Strip? No??? Kinda hard to swallow now, right? Yeah, lies usually are. Should I be sad that people’s retirements are now hurting? Let’s see… now, I’m thinking if we were more communially minded, or more tribal in culture, our elderly wouldn’t have to fear becoming old. In tribal culture the elderly are taken care because they’ve spent their lives serving the whole. Where did this idea of retirement come from anyway??? It’s an intersting article, check it out. Yeah, I bet people really wish that we pushed harder for Al Gore to put our social security in a “lock-box”. Duped, I tell you, duped all around. Kill social security, let people figure out what to do with their money–cause we all went to Harvard for that MBA, right? And, um…yeah…you too can become rich! Riiiiggghhhhtttt… that was always the plan. Here’s the thing, how were you supposed to become rich being a economic moron, who doesn’t understand legal terms, but, completely understands big houses, cars, and bling?! Do you know what a higher education costs? Do you know how much soul you have to sell to get those executive keys???
So, look, before people figure out that it’s the system, it’s the infastructure that’s really on it’s last legs let me just say this… The top 10 business schools are going to be obsolete some day soon. Why? Because they teach the system that is currently looking for a tombstone. So, where? Where will the next blueprint be found? What schools will educate the next business intellectuals, professionals, etc??? I don’t know. But, if America wants to compete, they might want to start educating the very brains they were trying to keep numb with ignorance. It’s just a thought.
Not my crisis… But, I do feel for those who believed the hype and worse yet, bought into it.
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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