What the silence has to say, are all things we need to hear, but, consciously ignore. It is the space in which the best parts of  ourselves goes to be heard. And, while we aren’t always happy with what is being told, there is a monumental opportunity being afforded to us.

Silence offers you the space to hear all of your wildest dreams, biggest fears, and to be your own council. Yet, there are those who fear silence. They fear what they will feel, and hear in it. They are afraid that in the silence they will find that their ideologies are false, their feigned intelligence–ignorance. And, that what may seem to be confidence, is nothing more than a cover for the awkwardness felt of being in their own skin.

The truth is–when you fight with the speaking of silence–which is truly the speaking of your soul-self. You are engaging in a battle that you will NEVER win. So, why fight it, when you can simply heal it? Okay, so, I used the word simply, but, that is not to say, that the tasks needing attending in your silent moments are simple ones. They are not. But, neither is a lifetime living a lie, living in fear, living in a fantasy manufactured, fueled and maintained by you and you alone. When you refuse to flow with the world being offered to you, you must constantly give energy to maintaining the fantasy. Thus, you feel tired, restless, depressed, and drained. The world outside us, isn’t the worth within us. And, it is the world within us, that shapes how we see the world outside us.

It’s so exhausting living in a world, where there are so many thing happening that we don’t agree with–there are people living their lives in ways we don’t agree. But, the reality is: Only you can decide how deeply you will allow the behavior of others to affect you. You can see ignorance, violence, and horrors, and NOT allow it to take you down the drain with it. Rather, you can decide to promote intelligence, reason, peace and consciousness in your daily life as a personal protest to those things. Where we get caught in the “game of drama” is thinking that there’s a “right” way or a “wrong” way to go about life. There is not. There’s what you can live with. There’s consequences of action. And, there’s a choice in how you will react to such things.

In the silence, all of your various you(s), aspect, or fragments, etc… come to ask for healing, and eventually integration. If you’re currently scattered, you can bet in your silence moments, there will that part of you that says, “I’m tired of being sad, afraid, perfect, angry, lonely…” They will come to you and ask that you heal them. And, in order to heal, you will have to recall all the emotions that come with healing. Yes, you’ll cry, scream, be angry… these things cannot be avoided, it is how we as humans heal–by feeling, and allowing the energies of hurt to become transmuted into well-being. These blocked feelings are at the root cause of what ails us. Silence offers you the space to unblock whatever is impeding your flow of energetic well-being. People at peace with themselves, have an ease that others envy. But, it without a doubt true, that the peace those people have, was earned. Silence is the place in which we earn our peace. And, it is not something that can be faked in any way. As I’ve said many times before, “The proof is in the living.”

Until you become comfortable in silence. I would say, make yourself do it. It’s like working out. At first, it will be uncomfortable. It will hurt, you’ll feel awkward, and you’ll be sore. But, once your various selves (spirit, mind, body) understands that it must change, and that you are serious–it will work to become whom and what you’ve asked. There is no part of you that enjoys being in disharmony. There’s no part of you that wants you to be unhappy. All self-destructive aspects, are wounded parts of yourself, that only want to be heard, and healed, so that it can balance itself and be integrated into the “home” that is you. So, by ignoring any part of yourself that is unhappy, you are ultimately hurting you.  That in itself is self-destructive, disrespectful, and not an act of love. Problems aren’t wished away, that are worked away. And, once you get the hang of it, they no longer are viewed as problems, but, as life and life doing what it does, which is–keeping you present in it.

Do not run from silence, instead seek it. Make it part of the structure that is you. So that when you find yourself in silence, and it begins to speak, you can stop and listen–without judgement, without expectation, but, with compassion. Silence allows you to befriend yourself. It allows you to truly be there for you, and to grow into the person you probably already are, but, have yet to embody.

Enjoy the silence. 😉

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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  • This is exactly what i needed to read thank you. Amazing how things are put in your path at certain times of your life.


    • I always say, when we ask for help–help always answers. It’s just that we have to be on the look out for it. 😉 Thank you for your response. And, I’m glad I could be of service.


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