I was thinking today that people miss the gift in losing. And, when you don’t learn how to lose well, you truly are a loser. Life ebbs and flows, and some days you’re on a high, some days a low. And, I think winning and losing is the same way. When you win, you feel good about a job well done, and when you lose there’s opportunity for improvment and to learn from your mistakes. If you’re winning all the time, one of two things is happening. 1.You’re living a lie. 2.Or, you being allowed to win. And, are being lied to.

Honestly, I’m not competitive with other people as I am myself. I push myself in almost everything I do, because I still think I have a lot more in me to do. Thus, I’m  workaholic. Relaxing and sleeping are the same thing to me! My ideal vacation involves either a beach and drinks, a mountain and drinks or…my home and drinks… Funny thing is, I’m not that big of a drinker. I just like the idea of someone getting me drinks, and liking it. lol My interest and work are the same thing. I’m an artist. I don’t go to movies for fun, or read for fun, or like to be entertained… okay…but, that’s different! lol I’m a perpetual student like my dad was. When he died, he had gotten his PhD three months prior.

I don’t think I’d be who I am if I’d won all the time. I don’t think I’d know half of what I know because I didn’t win all the time. I used to need to win, but, now, I realize it was when I lived in fear and insecurity. Now… I’m just happy breathing… it makes me giggle. LOL The little things mean so much, that even when I lose, I still feel like a winner.

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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