Oh, but,  you don’t understand what it means to be awake. It means the great shift has already happened for you. It means, the world becomes so simple, and you realize the complications were YOU. It means, that drama is an illusion, and that most people are willingly, knowingly, compulsively living in their imaginations of life–rather than living life itself.

And, guess what?? I don’t care. Why?? Because it’s simple–people choose to be in drama. They choose to not be well, the moment they realize they are sick and DON’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!  But, here is where I take my sword and draw the line in the sand–when you cannot keep your mental, emotional, or psychological illnesses to yourself. If you must be poisionous, sick, unhealthy, destructive, self-hating, and all in all miserable–keep it to yourself. Just like you would not have the flu and knowingly cough, or sneeze in someone’s face–you should not knowingly infuse your less than stellar energy into someone elses energetic sphere, lives, or personal space. It’s selfish, its mean, and it’s definately a seed form of some nasty karma that will find its way back to you.

Once again, being highly spiritual, conscious and truly alive doesn’t mean becoming a welcome mat. It doesn’t mean that you can mistreat me in any manner, and I continue to keep you close. I can forgive and love you and NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN! It is possible, and yes, it is highly spiritual. As, I AM the creator of my life’s story, and I decide WHO gets to be in it. It has taken a great, consistent amount of effort on my part for me to be the person I am today.  I will protect my intergrity, self-love, self-respect and peace of mind with everything that I AM. That should give you pause–would you protect yourself in that way??? Sometimes an attack isn’t a physical one. It is done in words, in deed, and sometimes in thought–how will you defend yourself? My weapons of choice: absence and dismissal. When you know who you are, you realize you don’t NEED anyone, you may want them, but, they will never be needed. And, that is powerful. It intimidates people to not be needed. How do they control you, manipulate you, guilt-trip you?!!! They can’t.

I have no problem telling the truth, regardless if it hurts your feelings, makes you hate me, or what have you. If you attack me, if you threaten my center, I will defend the temple of who I am. And, I will take no prisoners. I do not look for fights. I do not walk around expecting anyone to do anything, but, treat me as they would like to be treated. When that universal law is broken…all bets are off. Ghandi believed in non-violence, but, he was a master of words. And, words when spoken in truth can be as impactful, if not more so than a swing of the fist or sword. And, more piercing than a knife or a bullet. When the truth is spoken, it is so loud, so bright, so intense–it cannot be escaped, no matter where you go in the universe.

Understand me: When I make an effort toward you, it is in honor, with respect and in the spirit of namaste. When these things are violated, I will remove you from my life. Period. My pain threshold is higher than most, and I know if given enough time and effort, I will restore the peace and potential where you once stood.

Insanity has no place here. Negativity  has no place here. Darkness has no place here. And, that is not negotiable.

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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