What’s cool is that there’s magic in every moment in my life.
What’s cool is the universe gives me exactly what I ask for–whether I consciously wanted it, or not. I get it.
What’s cool is, I understand the understatedness and importance of being passive and allowing things to come to me.
What’s cool is, I know how cool I truly am. And, when it became mine, I understood it could not ever be taken from me. And, that I won’t be giving it away, either.
What’s cool is, I don’t indentify problems, but, solve puzzles. As that’s all problems are to me.
What’s cool is, that I always get there, even if I’m not a ballerina doing it. Point shoes are pretty, but, they make your feet bleed.
What’s cool is, that I know whose in charge of me… ME.
What’s cool is love is all around and given to me freely in countless forms, and I always recognize it.
What’s cool is, I’m making peace with pink and yellow. Two colors, I’ve never liked as I always equated them with weakness. Feminine energy is relevant, important, priceless and needed in these awkward times we now live in.
What’s cool is I can watch the gray of confusion around me, and not get involved, but, smile, give light and walk away.
What’s cool is I know the difference between my issues and other people’s issues. And, I don’t try an “fix” things or people anymore.
What’s cool is I can always find the humor in any situation, even if its only to indentify the ridiculousness of it all.
What’s cool is, I live to work. And, I love what I do.
What’s cool is understanding that I’m so much more than I ever realized before, and I’m still growing.
What’s cool is I know I deserve the best, and any thing less than that is unacceptable now. When you hit another level, you cannot go back.
What’s cool is, I’m at home, because I AM home.
What’s cool is, if you don’t get what I’m saying…eventually you will. Namaste.
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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