OMG… my tolerance is at an all time low for people who are so fearful, so anxiety-ridden that I smell them before I see them! No really, dude…can you like, keep that to yourself? I’m over it, I’m not interested, and though I am compassionate, I sooo don’t care!
What’s the deal with people needing to keep their brains in a panic, over imaginary shit? No, seriously, for real! Who cares?! And, while you’re thinking everyone will notice that your hair isn’t perfect, that your grammer isn’t ivy league, or that you’re from a humble background… “They” your imaginary audience, are out living their own life, with their own issues, real or imaginary!
I spend a lot of time quiet in public now, because I really can’t be down with the constant negative chatter, from people wondering if they’ve impressed some executive with bullshit formalities to whether or not someone will think ill of their parenting skills if their kid has a cranky-pants day! For the love of God, people GET OVER YOURSELVES! The definition of perfection that we’ve created needs to be wiped off the motherboard of all human brains. Yeah…just set that crap on fire, and let it ride the ashes into nothingness! Perfection should be defined as being in your most natural state, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally! And, hey, for those of you who like me aren’t into clothes all the time…physically too. You, naked is perfect, no matter what that freaking scale says! Enough with the lies that goes along with “keeping up apperances!”
Korn has this song called “Fuck That!” And, its about how they are against putting out crappy music, just to please record companies, and making a dollar at the expense of being true to their art. And, I’m down with that! I head bang to that song a lot! I’m sick of people trying to tell me who to be, how to act, and that I need to impress someone that after maybe 5 minutes to an hour, I won’t remember! I’m thinking if you were comfortable in your own skin, you wouldn’t give two shits about what’s going on in my vessel, you know what I’m saying?! If you hate you, that’s your business… I won’t be hating myself to make you feel better! So…move it through! If you are feeling insecure with any aspect of your life…dude..that’s a personal problem, a glitch in your system…over here, all systems are a-go…so, if you start hurling monkey-wrenches over here, there’s gonna be problems, and it won’t be me telling you how sorry I am that I’m in love with myself! (Holla at my girl, Natasha…we should spread that knowledge!)
Enough of the self-hatred, and the need to spread that dis-ease, to destract you from the fact that you need a spiritual overhaul–assuming you know you have a spirit to begin with… Anyway, if you’re up at night, day, afternoon or whatever, with a bad case of “what will they think?”, understand…I’m fondling my pillow and smiling in my sleep, because the audience I live to please is that of ONE. She gets the best seats, valet service, drinks, gorgeous gowns and the killer high heels. Being fake, pleasing others, while hating yourself is sooo passe…truth is freedom… recognize! And, if you choose not to, cool…just keep it away from me. I’m not here to prove you exist, that’s your freaking job!
Love Peace Happiness N One,
I’d like to give a special shout-out to Tobias, Adamus and Kuthumi!!! And, so it (freaking) is!

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