So, it’s getting darker, and autumn is in full swing and I feel like I’m getting busier! There’s so much going on…and yet, nothing at all. I’m working at my job, on my company, myself and maintaining relationships with friends and family. My life is full, yet… I always think  I can be doing more.
Once upon a time, I used to stress reaching personal goals. I am a self-admitted Type A personality. I keep list, I’m a stickler for being on time and I have concerns about money. I have advanced and digressed in this behavior, thanks to my exhusband who was a total type B (blessings to you Richard), and a lot of meditation. So, I don’t make list anymore (I keep them in my head), it’s okay if you’re five minutes late when meeting me, but, I’m never going to be cool with debt. No matter what, being in debt isn’t a way of life. I WILL PAY OFF MY STUDENT LOANS! LOL  And, my personal goals? I fully expect to acomplish them all, it just doesn’t have to be this very minute. I’m going to enjoy the journey, because it’s that cool.
What matters most to me now, is finishing things I start. If I have a great idea, I want to take it out of my head and bring it to all of you. Thus, I write, sing, perform and now…passionately working on a business plan for Hot Pies & Tarts.  A life full of passion it what life’s about– I get it now. I’m passionate about…um…everything, because I do what I want. I work where I do, because I want to, and even though it’s not where I’ll end up, I like my job, I like the people I work with and for. It’s challenging, and faced-paced. I like where I live–where’s brooklyn at?!  If you don’t know, Brooklyn is the perfect urban neighborhood, and Bushwick is my ‘hood. I love it here. And, finally…my peeps. I’m passionate about my peoples. I am friends with people I admire, respect and learn from. Ay…yeah, if you’re subscribed to this blog and you’re one of the near and dear, I’m talking about you, even if  you think I’m not. Heehee. Anyway, these are the things that matter to me. Oh yes…there’s the fam. My fam has been both my heartache and my joy, yet, that’s what love is truly about–surviving the rollercoaster, and still being willing ride. I suppose it’s expected that I should say my spirituality matters, but, given what I’ve already mentioned, it would be redundant to do so. Yeah, so, I speak in code…and…? For Pete’s sake do some work… I’m not here to provide all the answers, but, to make you question! ; )
In short, we are what we are. Me? I’m an artist… I create things. And, regardless of whether or not, I’m a household name, celebrity…or whatever. I’m an artist, it is and I am. Therefore, there’s no need to rush to the goals, or the success because…I’ve got it already, and knowing that, is what matters most.
Love, Peace, Happiness N One,

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