Being the multi-tasker, go-getter, magician, energizer-bunny woman I am–I’m not a fan of waiting. I mean, over the years its gotten better. But…apparently, I still need to develop more of an OM attitude about it. Grrr…
But, the truth is–I always, in the end, get what I want. Some who don’t understand me, or certain aspects of life in general will find something negative to say or think about my truth. But–eh…I don’t care. When people don’t like themselves or their situation, the easiest way to distract yourself, is to hate on someone else. But, the truth is yes…I do get what I want. And, what is that these days, anyway??? Honestly…not much. LOL
Seriously, as I do check in with myself quite a bit, I’ve come to realize what I want doesn’t really involve stuff. I have the basics that one requires to sustain life. Of course, I could say to see ManChild up on the big screen. And, for all women to be wearing Hot Pies & Tarts lingerie under their clothes. But, honestly…I’m not in a rush for either. I have no fear that both of those names will come to mean something to people in the very near future. I’ve surprised myself on many occassions with the things I’m able to accomplish, and the trick is—surround yourself with supportive people on all fronts. (I’d just like to mention that “supportive” doesn’t mean ass-kissers, or people who routinely blow smoke up your ass. Can’t stand those people!) I’ve gotten pretty good at acquiring a cheering section, but, even more important—YOU MUST BELIEVE IN YOU. I don’t believe in “chance”, “maybes”, “what-ifs”, “luck”, or “coincidences”. I believe in manifestations, and blessings. I believe in creating the life you want and allowing it to find you. All that being said, manifestation isn’t  always instaneous. Sorry if that bursts anyone’s bubble, but, it isn’t. Sometimes, things require a certain formula, pressure and time to happen. Such as a diamond, which takes thousands of years to go from being coal into a facted light and rainbow catcher. And, if you’ve ever seen a flawless diamond, then you know its worth the wait.
What do I want? What am I waiting for??? I’m waiting for people to awaken to their own greatness, and embrace it like a long-lost friend, because that is the case. I’m waiting for people pursue a life of passion rather than duty–duty, to thine own soul first, then the rest of us. I’m waiting for people to be as quick to manage their own behavior as they are other people’s. I’m waiting for people to love themselves, like they claim to love others, and to desire to heal any hurts inflicted upon them by themselves or anyone else. I’m waiting for people to seek courage, and abandon fear. I can assure you in so many places, this is already happening. But—again, I am impatient as I’m affected by these things.
People wonder how I sustain my core happiness, and I have to say the truth is– I live on a gorgeous planet, though hurting in a lot of places, she’s still breath-takingly beautiful overall. I have the pleasure of knowing some goregeous people who show courage and strength on so many levels, and I have 33 years of road behind me, that if I wanted, I can stop for a moment and see how much ground I’ve already covered. And…I live in a universe that is sooo vast, and mysterious that I will never know all of it in one lifetime. Hmm… I guess a few more will be required. LOL 
There is one thing that I await on this journey, and the component is extremely important. And, unfortunately, I have no say as to when or if this component will consent to continue. I’ve spent almost a week frustrated, angry, pissed and yep, even crying about this situation. But, at the end–it’s not my call. If only there were an end. See, that too, is an issue. Some situations can be left unresolved to be big question marks in one’s life. This is NOT one of those situations. I  and the component  live with this knowlege 24/7/365–a resolution must be. It’s kind of like being in a room that has two doors behind you but, only one ahead. Sure, I’d like to go forward, but, I only have half of what is needed to do so. Grrrr… You see where I might be frustrated? LOL So…I wait.
I recently read and article that illustrated this “waiting” thing. And, it talked about the importance of the wait, as apparently it speeds things up. So, let’s think about it–if you have knowledge that there’s something you MUST do for the betterment of your life experience, and in-turn the betterment of all who you meet on the path of life–and, you didn’t act upon that knowledge, what would that do to you? Hmm…well, I guess the beautiful diamond must have a lot of heat on its ass,  pressure crushing its head and…time (very important) before it can make its complete transformation. In the meantime…Uh…I’ll be over here meditating, ordering take-out, and blogging to you guys! LMAO! Waiting it is an artform–(inhaling) And, this is me embracing it. Purrrrr…..
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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