Gentlemen, there seems to be some nasty unspoken rumor that you all are fragile–that you’re easily hurt, must be handled with kid gloves and that you cannot in anyway shape or form handle the truth. Please… for the love of ___________ say it ain’t so!!!!
Forgive me, but, doesn’t fragility go against everything society agrees that being a man means? I mean, here we are in the world, and everywhere I look there are ads, books, advice colums, etc… for how women need to behave in order to “get” a man, or “keep” a man. I’m sorry, what?! What is going on here? Last time I checked woo-ing was like…a guy thing? (–Not that I agree with that at all… I don’t. ) And, now everyone has to do tap dances, and pretend to be someone they aren’t just to be with someone at all??? Dude… NO. That’s sooo ridiculous! Not to mention, it’s fraud! Seriously, if you all are just trying to get laid, be upfront with it. And, for the love of Pete please don’t confuse getting laid with being in a relationship. One requires physical presence only…seriously, it doesn’t matter if your heart, brain, or emotions are present at all when it comes to sex. But, a relationship??? Oh, you need to be there and I mean BE THERE. If you’re playing to win as a couple, you have to be “All in!”
Now, back to this woo-ing thing. First of all, I really think people need to come real with what they want. And, if the other person is down with it–great, if not, do not stop…keep it moving. And, do not under any cirmcumbstances play games, because someone always gets hurt. ALWAYS! …Back to woo-ing. The art of the “woo” can be done by either person, and the key is…leave your game at home. Best stratedgy: present you–the real version, that way, time will not be wasted, because the truth is, if you and what’s-er-name hang out long enough, the mask will be dropped. Why bother putting them on to begin with? I dunno, it’s not my thing. And, a dude that brings me game, is a dude that’s leaving empty-handed, all day, everyday.
I’m at the point in my life that I know from a look whether or not, I’m even gonna listen beyond, “Hi”. Why? Because I DETEST games. And, most people have none, but, that doesn’t stop them from trying! Ugh! I must say, I’ve gotten nicer at rejecting guys, though. Yet, when I want to talk to someone, first thing I do…smile. And, if we get past that, I just talk. I think its important to let people know who you are and what you’re about immediately. I don’t do girly-girl, or the shrinking violet thing, and I think men appreciate the kind of woman I am (Note: I said men, not boys). And, who is that? A woman, that: 1. Knows she’s a woman, and doesn’t even answer to girl. 2. Speaks her mind. 3. Has a no-bullshit policy. 4. Speaks guy pretty damn well! LOL And, nope…not insecure. Seriously dude, if you wanna be somewhere else, witih someone else… peace! Go for it, because despite what some people think there’s no one on the planet that can be a substitute for anyone else. So, acting “cool”, “frontin”, or just being “stupid”–yeah, um…not a recipe for anything real, but, hey…maybe they’re just trying to get laid.
Funny, now the world will tell you that its a man’s world, but, my guy friends tell me different. Apparently, men are terribly affraid of being rejected. Is it because it truly is a man’s world and the word “no” is like a wrecking ball to the ego? Hmm… maybe, but, maybe it’s the ego that needs to be re-configured, because if it really were a man’s world, however did she say “no” to you? Hmmm….I don’t know, but, it did seem to come pretty easily, didn’t it? My point is, the mating dance, whether it be a one-night freestyle, or a lifetime waltz, is done with two equals. And, I think we all need to keep that in the forefront of our minds.
I have this awesome guy friend that announced to me that he was looking for a wife some time ago. Yep, he was serious. In fact, he was sooo serious, that he told every woman he dated that–that was the deal. And, of course, what man says that?! Right? So, at first, no one believed him, but, when they realized he was for real… chicks scattered… all but, one… Smart woman! I told my mom about that guy friend of mine, and she agreed…he should be cloned! LOL We may never see that in this lifetime ever again! LOL… Don’t get me wrong, I’ve known some very sweet guys in my time, and I’m still friends with some of them. But, I think sometimes people don’t get the part, where there WILL be work in a relationship, and sometimes the work you do, is on YOU, not US. Oh, and that US, doesn’t negate YOU and ME as individuals, but, is born of the two. Yeah, I’ve seen a lot of people get that one wrong, myself included. But, on the real…we aren’t made of glass people–as women–hell, we have babies! And, guys, you aren’t either, I mean–you’re born with physical strength, its in the DNA, so, that must mean something, right? So, everyone…take your fragile egos, your insecurities and work that stuff out own your own. There’s no need to inflict your crap onto someone else…um especially if you’re looking for a dancing partner, know what I’m saying?
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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