How can I explain the constant lights that flash through my temple? The gifts brought across time and space–where darkness is nothing more than a canvas for light frequencies and sound that make words seem archaic and useless?

There is no logic for thoughts heard in silence, where ears are nothing more than walls for earrings, and the mind at a total loss. Messages do not follow the rules of communications deemed fit by the tightly closed cell we force our brains into. And, yet, like a diamond–time, pressure and temper bring all the elements together forming something much stronger than intelligence.

The view from the center of the storm is where awareness is formed, tested and forged; much like steel is liquified, heated, pounded into a blade. It isn’t  a painless sanctuary, but, it is where intergrity is earned. It’s where truth is birthed, it’s the world is forever made new.

What’s behind me is more road than I’d ever care to retrace. And, what’s ahead of me is more journey asking to be created. I’m the creator here, just as it was meant to be. I am that one spark of the infinite– twinkling for all who would see, until my return to the flame that is home.

The chaos around center gets more powerful in it’s mission, to break loose from what was, and into what will be. Life is formed this way–sperm and egg relentless, passionate and fearless in their magnetic collision. Creation is immenint, existence infinite. From nothing comes everything, and I can see it all from here. Amazing.

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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