Please, someone, explain to me why people bother to speak, complain, etc when they’re completely uninterested in learning? No, really. After life continues to give you the same lesson, repeatedly, shouldn’t you at some point realize that what you’ve done in the past isn’t working?! Otherwise, you wouldn’t need the very same lesson you failed the last time.
Sadly enough, this lack of learning is hitting close to home for me. I have to put someone who means a lot to me on the discontinued list. I truly believe in the idea that we teach people how to treat us. And, I know that very rarely does anyone miscontrue the fact, that I will only respond to being treated in a respectful way. And, anything other than that isn’t accpetable. I mean, EVERYONE who’s ever met me understood that in one way or another. I have a NO TOLERANCE policy when it comes to how I want to be treated. Even if I don’t like someone, I will treat them with respect, because that’s what I ask for. But, still–still people try an test me, and gosh…it’s just so unentertaining for me. Honestly, I believe that both problems and solutions begin and end with ourselves. So, my problem was that after taking great pains to explain to this person that in order to have me in his life, he’d have to treat me with respect. And, dude…this person continues to behave otherwise. Who’s issue is this? Mine. Why? Because, I still allow this person to speak to me–that is until, today. I’m done, until I see something consistently different.
Under no circumstances do I or anyone else have to deal with someone who cannot understand the equality necessary in a healthy relationship of any kind. You wanted to be treated well, treat others well. Simple. If you want something from someone…give something. Even exchange. Yet still, we have some seriously lost souls out there thinking that they can collect and payout nothing. Um…it’s against nature. Even the tide recoils into itself! Selfishness, isn’t sexy, usually can be whittled down to insecurity. And, I’m getting to old for people who behave in this manner. I simple don’t have an interest to be around them. I dare say, they may feel the same way about themselves. Explains a lot of self-destructive behavior if you think about it long enough. And, yet, people complain about all the things life isn’t giving them, but, I have to wonder if it ever occurs to them, how much of themselves they are giving life.
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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