Okay, first I’d like to say that I’m grateful that no one else’s opinons of me supersede my own feelings about myself. That being said… I gave creativity and free labor away to my little brother today. It was expected that I’d do this, and well…that’s fine. But, to be quite honest a couple reasons why he wanted me to do it is: 1. HE’S CHEAP AS HELL! (even though he’s an investment banker!) 2. Absolutely no artistic creativity and I’m pretty sure he’s color-blind 3. Has no capacity to retain information that doesn’t involve money.

It wasn’t the most horrible experience ever, but, what’s annoying about the suits and corporate types is that they think they corner the market on being educated and believe that their modus operandi is all there is. Is a person who’s voice rasies in inflection an uneducated person? Hmm…well my college where I got my BFA in acting doesn’t seem to think so.

What’s so twisted about corporations and the breeding grounds for their minons…read: harvard, wharton, carneige-mellon…is that they mold these people into the idea that their little box is the only one that matters. And, that in a nutshell is why artist LOATH suits and corporate America with they’re Borg-like attitude and thinking that we must all be assimilated. Yet, these same elitest, jerk-offs love to watch tv and go to the movies, and want to date all of us uneducated models, actors, musicians…etc. Trading down wouldn’t one think? Of course not…all you little pretties make the borg look better and seem more powerful, even if it’s to themselves.

“Hey, Donald, where did Melania go to college? Wait…what do you mean she didn’t? Oh, maybe that’s why she looks good, but, we still have yet to hear her say something worth listening to! Pretty and dumb…yes, that can be assimilated quite easily.”

Mind you, there’s some things I like about my brother. He works hard, he likes people (who think like him). And, he’s about the community (those who want to live like him)–but, we’re not close. We just have business understanding. He’s the suit, I’m the artist. Funny… I don’t ask him for business advice, but, he needed help decorating his new home…  So, who’s home is when even though the decorator keeps the client in mind, but, it was the decorator’s creativity that brought it to life? LOL I’m sorry…who wins? My stamp on your house… I sank you battleship!

It was a long day with my sibling…and I’m glad that I don’t have to do it again any time soon. The exposure to arrogance and ego that I endure today was like getting first degree burns… I need time to recover. And, I think I’ll start with smudging myself! LOL …I’m laughing, but, I mean it! YUCK!

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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