Awwww yeah… They told me to get ready to move, my peoples, my bright ones, the light crew! And, that’s what’s up. If you’ve felt stuck by the Mecury Retrograde, then you must of felt the click forward yesterday! Whew!!!! That was a tough one. One word: PAINFUL!
Oh but, wait… There’s a show tonight around 10pm here in the Northeast, it’s the lady in red, Ms. Moon showing off in full tonight, eclipsing the sun! So, um…hope you’re ready kids. What??? You don’t know what I’m saying? Oh… dude…come on! The only reason I’m helping you out is because the effects of a lunar eclipse is typically for 6mos. If you are a real astrology-buff here’s some more info for the hardcore. And, if for some reason you have no idea what house the moon falls in your natal chart… See??? If no one else loves you… I DO! LOL
To put it mildly a lunar eclipse is going to cause a bit of a crisis in your life, depending on the house it falls in. Yep, all those issues you thought you were going to out run… “Uh uh… Come again!” Lord, I hope you all have been dealing with yourselves before you get dealt with. That’s all I’m gonna say. Oh and for all of you going through your Saturn Return, oh puh-leaze…just get the freaking lesson, as this eclipse is in Virgo! Why is that important? Um…because that’s where Saturn is returning too! Started last year! And, it can make your already gut-wrenching, sucidal-tendency inducing lives, that much worse!
Here’s something I read today on CNN If you’re either self-destructive, or have a martyr complex that you’d like to heal from… Yeah, that one is for you!
Here’s another one for all of you who cannot seem to NOT date the same loser over and over again, but, they answer to differnt names.
Come on now…its time to move on… we’ve got things to do, become and to discover. Let’s get it going already!
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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