I thought I’d switch it up on the catergories, but, honestly this is about life…still. Yet, if you know anything about me, you’d know that goal, plans and hopes…that is my life!
Anyway, I’m happy to say, we’re turning a page in my life. Ohh…the places you’ll go! Yes, a direct Dr. Suess quote. I love Dr.Suess, he was a genius, thus, my Sam-I-Am tattoo. People wonder why I got it. Dude, I often wonder how people don’t understand why I got it. Sam-I-am is the pinnacle of pleasant persistence. Hello… I  am Sam-I-am! I really cannot be stopped when I’ve decided to do something, so, I encourage people to go with me–against me has had bad effects on people. But, anyhoo….
So, the page-turner that is my life… Well, let’s see… I’m moving into another home…alone! YES!!!! Okay, alone with my three cats! Heehee. But, yeah, I am going to move into my ridiculously small, moderately priced studio in two weeks, where I plan to breathe in peace and just be. I’m coming out of what has been one of the worst roommate situation ever! And, what did I learn? I learned tolerance like you wouldn’t believe, and I learned when to leave tolerance at the door, and be ready to just kickass! Word of advice, I don’t care how big the place is…you cannot, cannot, CANNOT live with someone who has an addiction of any sort! Functioning alcoholism, isn’t functioning!
I’m looking forward to a new home for myself and my cats. The summer is shaping up to be filled with Hot Pies & Tarts and Manchild. Oh yeah, and my (fake) job as an Executive Assistant and my family. Is it too much to open and store, produce a film, travel and work full-time???? Hmm… depends…are you me? LOL Because to me, that’s normal! And…I really do love it! My life is sooo amazing! And, now… I get to do faux finishing, stenciling and configuring one room living, and somehow make it all look fabulous! See, there’s a reason why I watch so much HGtv. For those who don’t know, that’s Home and Garden television. And, those who aren’t allergic to cats will know first hand.
Sooo much more to learn, do and be in my life! I look back sometimes, and go…whoa!!! I’ve certainly come a long way from J’ville, N.C.  But, if you asked my friends from there, they’d say, I’m pretty much still the same–heehee…maybe worse off! Who knows? Okay…so…artsy wall painting and stenciling at my place in two weeks… who’s in? How about building a loftbed? No??? How about installation of curtains??? Still no? Um…shopping for floor coverings? You don’t know what you’re missing! Building a home, is like building your own sanctuary. Yes…peace, a place to have a lot of that.
Love, Peace Happiness N One,

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