It all started with me reflecting on some of the people I know, and the situations they put themselves in. You do understand that situations don’t “just happen”, right? –That you choose to put yourself in a situation, by making a series of choices? If not–just told you.

Anyway, I began to ponder the energy of truth. I thought about how many times in my past, I fought the truth even though it was staring me in the face, screaming its silent voice to the top of its lungs, or, blinding me with its searing radiance. And, this is what I remember the most during the struggle– I NEVER won. You cannot beat truth, you can only embrace it.

I have watched quite a few people I care about find themselves in a rut. They don’t seem to be getting anywhere, their lives aren’t changing, and the frustration is almost unbearable. For every step forward, there seems to be ten steps back. And, here’s the truth, the problem isn’t outside of you, the problem is you. Now, at first glance, I’m sure reading that didn’t feel good. But, the truth is, when you aren’t getting your ideal, it’s probably because you’re trying to create truth from a fallacy. Are you being honest about who you are, and the situation you’re in, or, are you blaming someone else for the place you find yourself?

 In every situation in life we have a choice to say “yes”, or “no”. And, if we make a decision based on the truth of it, then all of a sudden things that were hard are easy, and it seems if the whole universe is working to help us–it is. And, what about when we say “no”? Well, things are “work”, we “struggle”, we feel the weight of “trying to make something happen.” It’s exhausting, frustrating, and sometimes…downright depressing. Why isn’t the universe trying to help us?? Well, it is actually. The energy of truth will resist your telling, or living a lie to the point where you’re so tired, hurt, sad and exhausted that finally, finally, finally (!), you’re willing to stop, listen and look in the mirror to ask yourself, “Could I do something different???”

How many of us have to “work” to make a career, a relationship, or a creation manifest?? Why is it so hard?! Why aren’t we making any headway? Why…??? Has it ever occurred to you that in order to have a easier relationship with someone, you must have one with yourself, first? If you cannot tell the truth of who you are, warts and all, how can you show yourself truthfully to your partner? If you aren’t suited for a particular career: i.e. no training, talent, or motivation–how can you expect it to work out? If you cannot be honest about what you’re trying to do, then you’ll end up with nothing done.

We have to be honest with ourselves. What are our strengths? What are our opportunities for growth? What do we like about ourselves, what do we want to change? The universe is offering us its assistance at all times, everyday, forever… And, when we are out of alignment with truth, the universe does everything it can to bring us home aka in alignment. And, because this is a collaborative effort, it is we who decides if the journey will be rough, or easy. That is not to say, there will be no challenges, or conflicts, because there will be–but, when you seek the truth and embrace it, those things become easier to either navigate, or bypass altogether.

It’s been some time since I decided to embrace the truth of who I am. And, what I’ve found is an inner peace that cannot be shaken. I’ve found an enormous sense of humor and wonder. And, most of all, I’ve learned to truly love life and the active living of it. I put down the struggle–which really is more internal than external, and I’ve embraced the the idea that yes–it can be easy, if I allow it to be so. Truth is energy–neither good nor bad. It is our own decisions that direct how it will effect us. So…surprise, you’re still behind the wheel, you’re the conductor, the boss, and the author of your life’s story–no matter what the story currently looks like.  😉

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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