I’m about to go an incubate, hibernate…or whatever you want to call it. I do this every year. And, January? Well, if you can’t get me to leave my apartment that month, now  you know why.
Some people think that people don’t change. And, well, it’s not true. Some people choose not to change. But, I’m not one of them. I’m a fan of progress, of growth, of evolution.  And, the truth is…evolution is persistent and infinite. And, I believe I am too. Those of you not into the esoteric, metaphysical philosphies…this is your stop. You might want to get off here. 
K… you’ve been warned.
Human beings are one with the universe and the universe doesn’t cease to expand, the planet grows and evolves, and everything on the planet does this. Therefore, there is no reason why you and I cannot evolve. Our gift, or curse (depending on how you use it) is freewill.  You don’t have to change, but, that does’t go for the world around you. And, before you realize it, you’re living in a world that no longer exist, while everyone else is up ahead. Time as they say, is relative. And, perception is reality. 
I live in NYC…and as I get more comfortable with myself, my experience here changes. I do not feel the anxiety of the pace of the city like I once did. I’m on my own time–not to say that I don’t get to work on time, or miss appointments. That’s not my point. My point is… I don’t participate in the anxiety part. I’m so much in my own time and space that I don’t even hear the sounds of the city anymore. And, even though I see people, there’s something very surreal about it. Like they aren’t really there.
This hibernation, incubation and transition time will be spent creating the perfect business plan and preparing to birth a store. I’m excited. There’s sooo much going on… great ideas floating in the ethers waiting to be inhaled by creative minds and brought into reality by creative hands. That is why incubatiton is sooo important. I know… some people think each day is the same, each moment… the same. And, whether you know it or not… That’s impossible. Even the cells in our bodies do not replicate themselvers perfectly… Life is sooo good.
Love, Peace Happiness N One,

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