Man, oh man… This show, this thing, this occurence called life… It’s getting more challenging by the day for all of us, but, more so for those who will not heed the call of change. To say I’m frustrated would be an understatement. So, if you see me moving away from you, now you know why. I just cannot be around those who aren’t about growth…it’s detrimental to my own journey.

I’ve watched quite a few people keep themselves from finding happiness, peace and well…sanity, because they refuse to go with the flow. Seriously??? Resistance is is. And, hello, do you even understand what you are resisting?? You are resisting the universe! You are resisting the magnetic pull, the call, and force that in a moments thought, created the potentials for you to exist. So, when “home” calls you to become a better replica of who you’ve been, why the hell do you resist? You cannot win, you can only lose happiness, peace, love, and to be brutally honest… YOURSELF!

Why human beings think that everything needs to be “fixed” is beyond me. It’s quite egotistical if you think about it. Sometimes, things that are broken need to stay broken, and you would do well to walk away from it. But, no… “I can do it! I can fix it…if I work hard enough, if I want it bad enough! I can MAKE THIS thing happen the way I WANT IT TO.” Um…yeah…well, if it takes a lifetime for that to happen…chances are… it won’t! When you find yourself in that kind of predicament, please take a few deep breaths and view the situation from afar. Perhaps then you might see, you’ve been out of alignment with the rest of the universe. If  you are struggling, working too hard at it, if its producing more heartache than happiness… you’re moving against something that will surely and easily crush you. So, when this torture begins, remember what the root-cause is… YOU.

Right, I know I’m being harsh, but, I’ve just seen too many souls attempt to martyr themselves, with sheer stubborness, sometimes ignorance and uninformed beliefs. Believe it or not, your life isn’t meant to be a constant struggle.  Which is not to say, it will be without challenge. But, the challenges are there to elevate you, not level you. If  whatever you are doing is making life harder to bear, look again, is this actually good for you? Probably not. And, guess what? There are no extra points for sacrificing your happiness, for everyone else’s. Or, do you need Peter to explain this to you at “The Pearly Gates”?

There you are standing waiting to go in and Peter says, “Um…I’m a bit confused. Looks like you had a rough time of it…” And, you say, “Well, yeah, I did. I sacrificed so much, I struggled… it was hard! I’m so glad I’m here now.” And, Peter goes, “Well, as am I. I just wonder why you chose to go through all of that.” And, you look at him confused and say, “Wait, isn’t that required??” And, he looks up from the list and goes…”No, why would you be given a human existence, just for it to suck the entire time?! That’s just counter-productive isn’t it?” And, you stand there, realizing you could’ve done things a lot differently and Peter says, ” Not to worry, after you’ve rested up, you can go out and try it again. But, this time…please do yourself a favor… have fun!”

Lmao…Now, of course you know that I do not believe in organized religion, but, I do believe that there will be a time where we are confronted with the obvious.Why do we think that suffering is required to have a significant life? Why do we not value happiness as much as we do sacrifice? That twisted thought process is quite dangerous, and the more it spreads, the unhappier people are.

I learned a long time ago, that there’s so many ways to use one’s life. And, after fighting with my own personal flow for years… aka nearly killing myself with stress… I realized, that I was making it too hard, and to trust my intuition, and for once… follow the pull of the universe. And, I have to be honest… for the most part, I’ve had a great time ever since. And, let me be clear. I’m not asking anyone to be like me. I’m saying why not be like you? And, that requires you to allow yourself to morph and change. It means remaining open to the idea that you are always evolving, and are you own mystery to be discovered. Because…that’s what life is about. And, the splitting of cells, their constant birth and death are a testament to this obvious truth.

So, when you’re in your darkest hour, and everything seems to be against you… take a deep breath, okay, take a few deep breaths. And, if needed, have a good cry. But, afterward, ask yourself…is this really necessary? Do I need to be unhappy, to feel like I’m living? And, why do I not choose self-promotion and easily as I choose self-sacrifice? Do, I truly want  to be happy and full-filled, or do I enjoy “working” for happiness a lot more receiving it.

There’s so much life up ahead to still be lived. How will you approach yours?

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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