Love that smells like earth … Tastes like salt… Sounds like cement downed in a shot-glass. It’s as effortless and perfected as key-limes kissed by tequila…Just as smooth, but, much more potent.
Once scarred knuckles dragged along asphalt… Now, they clench the waist of an hour-glass, unable to let go. —Just can’t seem to let go… Wishing to let it go, but, no… doesn’t want to.  It’s about time. …far past time, “–Give me more time. I’ll get there.”

Traveling beyond logic, beyond imagination from The Black Sea, to The Crystal Coast… Fastened and fused, like root to limb and just as natural. Two forces gravitating towards sweet collision, like wolves announcing the full moon. –Involuntary.

–Two planets combining, to create a new dimension. Thoughts are verbal, sentences are songs, and heaven is an embrace reclined on cotton clouds. This isn’t a vacation, or, seclusion… This is home. Foundation is sturdy, the ground has perked, and it’s time to plant, it’s time to build.

 It’s a moaning guitar… A weeping sax chasing the crescendo… The flutter of a butterfly’s, wings. It’s the eagle’s circle… the crow’s call. The Northern Lights’ glow… The North Star’s wink… It’s not about tomorrow (this will be here then, too), or feeling guilty for what is (because, we are)… It’s about now, “Let’s do this now.”  
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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