I picked up my first new age book at 10 years old… It was, “You Can Heal Your Life”, by Louise Hay. My mom and I saw her on the Oprah Winfrey Show back in the 80’s… My mom found her intriguing, so she bought the book, but, I was the one who actually read it from cover to cover. My first New Age movie was “Out on a Limb”, it was based on Shirley McClaine’s early shift into awakening and consciousness… I’m pretty sure I was either a pre-teen, or in my early teens when it was released. But, the point I’m making is this… My entire life has been about getting to where I am now. And, where am I?? I’m in the midst of my Masterhood… That’s where I am.

If you’ve been listening or reading my thoughts for a while, you know that I’m passionate about personal empowerment. For too long, we’ve all be happily dumping our issues, problems, or shortcomings onto others. And, we look to all sorts of things and people outside of ourselves to deal with, cope, or carry us into healing. And, the truth is… it’s all BULLSHIT and stall tactics, if we refuse to do the work ourselves. At some point, all the books, all the classes, and all the communities will have to stop, so that we can withdraw and go into ourselves, and DO THE DAMN THING! If it’s not going to be you that does the work, then the work will never get done. If it’s not you that’s going to go through the pain, to get to the healing… The healing will never happen. If it’s not going to be you, that allows your heart to detox all the hurt, the anger, the fear so that he can go back to it’s natural state of buoyancy, of love, of happiness and joy… then, it will not happen.

I’ve been feeling for some time the many lives that a lot of us have lived where we’ve been the student, the teacher, the leader, the preacher… We’ve all lived so many lives as the divine spark we are. Some of the lives have been past lives, and some have been many lives all rolled up into one. But, all have been filled to the brim with knowledge, with lessons, with experiences, that we can all choose to remember, and incorporate into who we are now. And, I’m upset that this doesn’t seem to be the resounding Clarion Call of all Spiritual Teachers of all disciplines, and beliefs systems… I just want to scream from the mountaintop two things: 1. LET MY PEOPLE GO!  2. MY PEOPLE FREE YOURSELVES!!! There’s just too much spiritual incest happening here… There’s too many people who are so ready to become their own masters, to shine their divine sparks, to be the example for those who are just waking up… And, it’s getting congested and confusing. LET GO, and LET’S GO!

I’ve watched and participated in the big business that self-help that spirituality has become. There’s very few popular Guru’s out there that I am not aware of, or, haven’t supported in some way–whether it be a workshop, buying a book, or a book series.  They’ve helped me remember, recall, and given me tools to welcome back in my own divine, they’ve given me tools and clues to remember my own I AM. But, they have not, nor can they DO my work for me.  Those moment of difficulty, of choice, or pain gone through, or tears cried… those were MY MOMENTS. Those moments where I had to choose me over the majority… those were MY VICTORIES.  — Not Don Juan, not Richard Bach, not, Louise Hay, Deepak, Neale, James Redfield, and on and on and on… ME… Monica. 😉 And, I need to know when it’s time to stop listening to the teachers without and allow the teacher within to come front and center to lead me. That’s the ultimate choice in being embodied, in being ascended–becoming the master–listening to that part of yourself that says, “Okay, I’ve had enough of that… time to go live all these tools, insights, and callings.” There’s this part of you that says… “School is over… time to become the leader of me.”

Because this is a business for some, it becomes difficult for people to tell others, “Okay, you’ve been following me too long… get out!” But, I have to tell you–it weighs teachers and gurus down when they don’t tell the newly minted masters to leave. Once upon a time, when we were all in secret societies, when we were monks, priests, priestesses, etc… You were kicked out… they made you go into the world and BE everything you were taught from the young age of 7, or whatever… It’s not the same anymore… There’s money to be made, bills to be paid… And, wouldn’t it be really hurtful for you to say to a student, “Get out! You know everything I know… You don’t belong here anymore!”  So… call me nuts, but, I’ve done this with those I’ve mentored.  Some years ago, probably six years ago now, I was mentoring a few people that I was friends with. They weren’t trusting themselves because they didn’t have the tools or knowledge. I shared everything I knew… Every book, every guru, every tool, every meditation that I’d either designed myself, or utilized… And, when it was time, I told them all at once, “Get out of my nest!!!” Mama birds kick their babies out of the nest when it’s time to go. And, the mama bird always knows when they are ready. And, if that bird doesn’t doesn’t start flapping it’s wings, it will die. That’s nature, that’s life– for all of us, whether we realize it or not. At some point, you’ve got to try your wings. Not every person I kicked out of the nest wanted to go, there would be the phone calls, the emails, with the… “I don’t think I’m ready.” Me: “Shut up, yes you are and you can’t come back into the nest!” 🙂 Ever seen a hatch-ling try to come back into the nest?? The mama and daddy birds do not allow this… they peck, scream, and attack… “You are not coming back here! This is no longer your home! Go make your own home for yourself!”  Nature gives us the best clues to life–it really does.

I have been apart of many, many spiritual communities. I am not only a psychic, I became certified–that means, classes, workshops, and testing. One day, in class, another psychic did a reading for me. And, the message was validation for what I’d been feeling for some time. “No more classes, no more learning in a class setting. Go out and be the master!” Shortly after that time, I opened Conduit of Healing for business. Since my certification, and being made a Reiki Master Teacher, I’ve not taken any more classes. There was one that I tried to take, and lo and behold, the class itself didn’t happen. So, yes, I understand the lure in hiding in classes, I get the safety people feel in numbers, the validation they get from one another, and how nice a pat on the head from a Guru feels… But, it won’t get you to masterhood. And, what the heck are we trying to master anyway?? Answer: OURSELVES.  So, you’re not going to be able to do that from a book, a workshop, or in a community. A group cannot make you the master of you… No one other than you can do that.

I know speaking this truth is controversial. But, I can’t be silent any longer about it, because this is too important. Masters are needed NOW. People are calling for the New Earth, they are asking for changes, and the changes are happening. And, while a lot of this looks like chaos to some, to others, it’s the storm before the calm. And, I feel like it’s important for those of us who chose to come in as lightworkers, to go through the turbulence that life offers, to fall on our faces, sometimes, our swords…  Only to rise again, and to keep going… I feel like it’s important for us to finish what we came here to do– be an embodied master, and to do it now. So, everyone can see the lighthouses, the angelic souls shrouded in human form, realizes… “Oh shit, we can do this now?! I can be this now?? I don’t have to die first?!” When you see people you know and love, and who’ve learned from your example– when you see the spark become a flame within them… Omg… there’s just no amount of anything material that can explain that feeling… A lot of times… I’m fighting back tears… It’s beyond beautiful.

So, let me make this perfectly clear… I don’t want a guru… I don’t want to be your guru… I am here to help you realize… YOU ARE THE GURU!

Stand on your own two feet, and you be your own master! I AM that I AM, and damn it… So, are you!


Love, Peace Happiness N One.

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