Dude…I’m sick… Boooo!!!! Thank you Nor’Easter Bunny! LOL Yeah, that nice little storm we had set off my allergies, which set off a cold and I’ve been blowing my nose ever since! I have to be thankful that the stars aligned for me to be sick while I’m not working anyway. I should rephrase that not working part. I haven’t been working for other people, but, I have read a script, done research and other stuff for my companies. I also went to two interviews this week… Listen, I’m a workaholic, and unless it’s the flu…I’m not going to stop working. I mean the flu lays you out flat, you have to sleep.
How about that blackberry outage?!!!! LOLOLOL!!! You wanna talk about collective hysteria in the world of finance??? Well, that would be it! Global electronic insanity. See, kids? That’s why we don’t put all of our electronic eggs into one basket! LOL And, the “crackberry” fiends must’ve been losing it. Oh I can imagine several former bosses in the corner, not able to go to their next meetings, know their agenda for the day, or whatever, because their “crackberry” isn’t working! Howling at the moon, drooling or just plain crying, cause they can’t function! LOL… Oh, the saddness of it all! Heehee.
I should probably say something about the V-tech massacre. And, what I have to say is this… we need to focus on what unites us, not separates us. We need to focus on love, not elitism. And, that situation, and all the ones before it are reasons why. Human beings: the only animal on the planet that doesn’t understand that in it’s own species, there is no superiority, and to create such an illusion is dangerous to the whole that is us all. It’s sad, and it won’t stop until we realize that separation is nothing more than an illusion. Pure and simple. I think what’s even more sad, is how these incidents are becoming more commonplace, just like this war that’s been going on far too long, based upon the need to be superior, or the arrogant belief that you already are, and you’re going to “save” the ignorant, helpless, or whatever. I don’t know when we became the judged and jury of eachother, but, I haven’t seen anyone ever do a good job at running someone else’s life–that should be a hint for people to empower rather than dictate, but…it isn’t. Oh that insufferable ego, will it ever know it’s place in the psyche?
Anyway…I’m using  this time, to re-evaluate myself again, as the world around me is morphing and melting into something that I not only do not recognize, but, something I’m not sure I want to participate in. It just looks so damn icky! The fear, the loathing, the surfacing of darkness that people either didn’t know was there, or can no longer be ignored. I’m going to keep moving forward on my spiritual path, grow as I need to and yeah, shine a little brighter for those who wish to see. The waves are rough, the current choppy, and the undertow is strong…yet, the lighthouses still shine very bright.
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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