While I sit in the middle of financial meltdowns listening to the moans and groans of people facing the truths revealed; I can’t help to feel…relieved. And, yes… happy.
Everyone talks about evolution, and revolution, but, they give no thought as to what those things cost. In order for us to be reborn, life as we know it, must parrish. While some may find change hard, they will soon also find it inevitable. I think change is one of those things, much like fear, is only feared because it is unknown. But, then again, so is life, that is until you know…
My trip to the mountains, with my peeps was done at the insistance of my intuiton. I’m glad I’ve learned to become a good listener. Hiking–I don’t think people really “get it”. Hiking is a walking meditation. It’s a chance for you to connect and remember that you are part of the earth. It’s a chance for you to breathe consciously, to listen, to wait, to observe. What are you observing, exactly??? You’re observing that no matter what we might do in life–no matter what we do to the planet–life itself continues! The planet adjusts to change, no complaints, no thought, no protests, it just DOES it. Something we might learn from the planet.
The mountains aided me in unplugging from the sometimes frenzied-pace, that is my life. I had NO cell phone service up there. It was beyond good! I enjoyed the sound of water busily moving down the mountain in search of the ocean (I secretly think that all water is looking for the sea). I became entranced by the embers in a fireplace. And, call me nuts, but, silence sounds so much better in the woods! But, the best—the best was the stars at night. The night’s sky was so clear that I saw one of the beautiful bands of our “milky way”—dude… I was beside myself with delight, awe, and clarity.
As long as the mountains still call me, I’m okay. As long as the ocean reminds me of the ebb and flow of life–I know I can perserve. As long as the winds speak to me in the silence–I know that it’s all a transition and I, too am in transistion. And, as long, as the stars wink at me in the crowded universal sky… I know two things: 1. I’m infinity loved. 2. I’m never alone.
We’re all in transistion, and it’s up to us to decide how we’re going to go through it. So, perhaps none of this is a breakdown, meltdown, nor crises. Perhaps it’s a renewal, rebirth, regeneration of something that was once unknown, but, soon to be experienced.
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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