You know that phrase, “there’s nothing new under the sun”. Man, I tell you, the more I learn, the more I realize this is so true! I don’t know that it’s we get new lessons, as it is that we’re not comprehending the few lessons given. Therefore, they have to be taught over and over again.
I’m a bit confused and frustrated by people. I don’t understand when we’ll truly “get it” that we as a species, a planet, a world are still very much a work in progress! Which means, we’re nowhere near the end of growing and changing. Wise men and women have been saying this for eons! Eons! Yet, still whenever science makes a “discovery”, we act as if someone has turned the light on in a dark room. Whereas the truth is–the light was never off, we simply closed our eyes! I find it interesting that people who have such “issue” with religion, god, goddess…etc.  flock to scientist with their “proof”! So, now that scientist can explain an aura–you believe that people have them?! (Oh yeah, they’ve admitted the hands emit light and have a scientific explanation, too!) LOL Oh…it can’t be a miracle if you can explain it?! Logic, scientific evidence, intelligence and all its skeptisim….whatever! You know, since the beginning of time there’s been someone, somewhere that told us that things are larger than they seem. We are greater than we seem, bigger, more creative, more amazing, miraculous…etc. And, it wasn’t until some scientist brought us formulas, theories and hypothesies did/do we begin to show some faith and hope in what was once unfathomable! And, not for nothing, scientist are in the business of playing catch-up, as are those who need their permission to believe in the unbelievable! Because things are present, past, future all at once! Time was invented by us to mark our lifespans! So, it us as a species that must develop the 90f brain and the so-called “junk” DNA to understand what’s been here all along!
Am, I anti-science? Nope. Am I anti-religion? Nope. I am just unable to accept any thought system or belief systems that refuses to acknowledge we simply don’t know everything! I am not able to adhere to any specific rules that aren’t flexible enough to change with the times, or progress as we progress. I am not advocating fear of the unkown. And, lastly, I refuse to believe that there’s a separation between science and god. Although, both parties benefit greatly for maintaining it! Our rules, definition and yes, our minds must expand–it’s too feaking cramped in this current mindset! The universe is so massive that it is incomprehensible–why can our minds not be like that?! Heck, we’re only using 10 percent of it!
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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