Okay…so, I guess the first time I attempted to write this didn’t agree with the powers that be. So…take two: “Roll tape and… ACTION!”
“Allow  with force and vigor.” It has become my personal mantra since this past June, when I first understood the importance of feminine energies. I’m really masculine, for such a womanly-looking woman. So, I came to understand that while action is very important, so is holding potential. Once upon a time, I was a real control freak, and a severe type-A personality. And, well…I got tired of it. It’s futile, really, people will do what they choose, and that’s all there is to it. And, because I am so anti-control and manipulation, I had to recognize those tendencies in myself. I’m quite comfortable in allowing people to do whatever they want, and deal with the consequences of their actions. And, sometimes the consequences mean, I just cannot be there. On the upside, it means, that I get to concentrate on the things I can control, like how I react to certain people and situations. Whomever is in my life is there because they want to be, not because I need them or vice versa. And, there’s something really beautiful about that. There’s a freedom in it. And, freedom always makes life taste better. –Allowing with force and vigor. Yeah…that tastes good…
Forgiveness and resolution. Last night, one of my male counterparts and I jumped a huge hurdle in our relationship. We resolved a HUGE disagreement, which, unfortunately represents one of many. It was horrible–insults, hurt feelings, and looming deafening silence. In short: it sucked. And, it sucks everytime it happens. But, to be honest, this particular relationship is one of those that no matter what happens, I know it must be resolved, because the alternative would require some sort of substance abuse to cope. And, I don’t utilize coping mechanisms. I’d rather just apologize, resolve the issue and move on. Seriously, if I’m wrong, I’ll admit it and apologize–yes, that took years of practice, but, I sooo get it now. A person like myself, who has an extensive no-bullshit policy cannot afford to not walk her talk. Otherwise, I’d have to…I dunno, rip out my tounge as to not speak, and cut off my hands to not write. LOL…I know,  I have a sometimes morbid and gross sense of humor, but… I like it. So…resolving and forgiving… that makes life taste better, for sure.
Music…music..music! Last night, I went to see my friends Ngoma and Jazz play in south Williamsburg. Dirty, gritty, get-into-your-spirit and rock your core music, with the paradigm-shifting of spoken word… Hallelujah! Maybe you just don’t get art, or artists and what we do… But, the ability to find the sacred in silence and put in on paper, film, stage or canvas…that’s holy, people! THOSE ARE MY PEPOLE!  And, I HONOR YOU! If you want to find the change in the wind, or  murmers of the soul of society… Look to the artists! We got you– the revolution always starts with us. So…yeah…my loves Jazz and Ngoma…ahh…the music, the spoken word…the sheer sacred genius of what you do… Yeah, that damn sho makes life taste better!!!!!
Oh…and um… cookies dunked in anything from milk, to coffee or tea… Which of course is what I’m doing right now… That makes life taste better. Sometimes..its just that simple: cookies and milk. Or…ice cream… or…smiles from across a desk that say,”Damn, I’m sooo feeling you right now!” Those are good too. Yummy…life taste sooo good!
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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