So, I work in the World Financial Center here in the ever-hungry Apple. And, today because it was sunny, I had ice cream on my lunch break and sat near the river. I don’t care how green the Hudson gets this far away from the mountaintops… She’s still good to me. So, just when I thought the sunshine was enough, the jazz coming from my zen creative was enough–it happend.
What I saw was humanity personified in it is most effortless, carefree form and it was magical. And, the magicians couldn’t have been more than three years old! Yes, Merlin and Gandalf were these tiny little tikes that before today were strangers. The first little boy was white and there with his nanny. He was jumping all over the little marble pedestals they have in the park there. He was wearing his cool sunglasses (they looked like minature ray bans), and playing with his cars. He looked intrigued by the fire truck that was parked in the park for a spell as the firemen went and got lunch. And, all of a sudden when he puts down one of his three cars, another little boy who was latin walks up and picks up the other’s toy.
At first, Merlin (wearer of ray bans) wasn’t happy that this stranger came and took his toy. But, quickly he realized that this chance meeting with Gandalf (the Spainard) was a chance to play. After numerous attempt of the two of them trying to play cars with Merlin having two big cars and Gandalf only having one mini car, it occured to them both that this game sucked! As it was unfair and unequal in terms of the cars. By this point, Gandalf’s Dad had made himself known as Gandalf wanted his own cars that he should’ve had. And, after much digging through his backpack, Gandalf’s Dad came up empty! (Shame on him!) Gandalf didn’t have any toy cars to contine the game with. But, but…BUT… Merlin did! Not only did he have the orginal three cars, he and his nanny walked over to their own backpack and returned with three more cars! So…each boy had three cars to play with each and together, the mini car was discarded all together as it didn’t have any muscle. Heehee…
From this selfless act of these children, they were able to both share, and enjoy eachother’s company without any interference from adults. They weren’t frightened by their difference in skin-color, height (and there was a significant one), nor the language barrier. They simply wanted to take the opportunity to engage a complete stranger to play!!!! And, because of that, the nanny and father started talking as it was obvious that the father needed to find cars that rolled by themselves after dragging the back wheels backward. I must admit they were kinda cool!. I really should’ve seen the kid’s movie Cars as that’s where the toys came from.
So, there I was awestruck at how naturally it comes to us–to be thoughtful, caring, and welcoming to one another. And, how unnatural it is to fear the unknown in any way shape or form. Children don’t naturally do this. Meaning: WE DON’T DO THIS NATURALLY. Fear is taught, prejudice is taught, hatred is taught. And, you know what??? It’s high-time WE ALL unlearn it. And,  for all of you who are parents–please, please, PLEASE don’t take the innocence and the natural state of love away from them, and then replace it with your taught fears. It’s only perpetuating the hurts of a world that so desperately needs to be healed.
And, that is what I took back upstairs from my lunch break. It was magical. It made me want to set-up a playdate with my friends! LOL
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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