I have decided that if complaining about woes, self-inflicted worries, and cries of victim-hood, is all someone has to say to me–I’d rather they be silent. Meaning: I’m outta here! To listen to some people talk, one would think that life is one big funk, where you wake up everyday and know that there is nothing but drama, issues and problems to look forward to. There are people who, if they didn’t have the ability to complain, they would have nothing to say at all. Confession: I’m over you!

Today, I enjoyed the silence of my home, and the company of my feline friends. Home isn’t only where the heart is, for me, it’s also where the peace is. Now, I realize that I’ve gifted myself with this peace, as so many choose to live otherwise. I have to say, I’m fine with it. As it is becoming more commonplace for people to complain, bemoan, and wallow in all that ailes them. Though it has become the new “normal”, that doesn’t mean I’m down with it, encourage it, or applaud it– I DON’T!

Sure, I might sound a little…umm…strange in that I’m saying it very clearly, I just can’t take the whinning anymore. For example the weather–many have been complaining about the way mother nature has been conducting herself lately. “Oh, when will the snow stop?! Make it stop! It has to stop! I can’t take it–I don’t want anymore!” Um, seriously? Hello, my fellow humans, here’s some late breaking news: You live on the planet–and, therefore must adjust to it–not the other way around! The human ego– will it ever cease to think itself the only game in town? The planet was before us, it will be after us. So, if you don’t like snow–move! If you hate the cold either start wearing more layers, or… move! If you hate commuting in the snow, either quit your job and never leave home, or…move! In some parts of the world changing of seasons is necessary, and in some places that means more rain, snow, wind, or fire than we’d like. But damn, y’all get over yourselves! The planet does not care, and what’s more–she doesn’t have to! To put it elementary terms–she’s bigger than you, and you’re living on her! She supports your life, and, I’d like to hope you’re supporting hers, therefore supporting your own.

I’m hoping that some of the complainers in my life will come to realize, that there is an expiration date on my ability to listen to the same issue repeatedly. Once it becomes clear, that you’d rather yap, than do–I’m going to make it clear I can no longer listen to you. Why? Because, I don’t believe we are victims. Yes, things happen, but, we can learn from these things if we choose. And, the simple truth is: most people don’t choose to learn from what one might call mistakes, and I’d rather call, lessons. The ego is either quite arrogant, or quite stupid, or perhaps both. We always think we can “make” something “work”, and that usually means, manipulating either a person, a situation or both. See, right there, you’re asking for trouble. You cannot “make” anything, or anyone bend to your will. What you can do is be honest about who you are, and your agenda, and either the person wants to go along with it, or they don’t. Simply put: be clear, be honest, be honorable at all times. These things are empowering as they mean that you can handle the truth of a matter or a situation. This is what it means to be an adult, and this practice is how wisdom is gained. Once you get the hang of it, you too will find it increasingly difficult to listen to people complain, but, not change. Saying it out loud…well, that might just be me. 😉

Another thing I’ve noticed about the horde of complainers is how there seems to be this willful, almost stubborn attitude of, “I will NOT hold myself accountable for my actions!” What’s up with that? No one makes anyone do anything they haven’t agreed to. A person can choose a myriad of ways to victimize another, but, it is only when we start thinking of ourselves as victims, that we truly become one. And, then we are a victim twice over–first of the person who wronged us, and then, of ourselves for allowing them to change how we think about ourselves. I could tell  you a million things I “think” of you, but, it only matters when you make my thoughts, your own. And, how many people do that? They don’t have the slightest clue as to who they are, because they keep listening to the crazy people (usually with their own agendas) tell them who they should be. Hello…wake up!

As I continue my own spiritual journey, I’ve come to realize–strength isn’t optional, it’s necessary. Self-love, isn’t a mantra, its a way of life. Power isn’t something you gain, but, something you express. It’s always there waiting to serve you, to be powerful for yourself, not to be wielded onto others, as that isn’t possible in a world of freewill. So…seriously, stop complaining, and start realizing, you do have a say, you can do something, even if its adjusting, adapting, or, hell, just changing your attitude toward the situation. There’s always something you can do!  Human–empower yourselves! Jeez! 😉

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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