So…my leetle vacation is ending in a matter of hours. I spent a lot of time resting, reading, contemplating and preparing for what’s next. In no particular order, working, preparing for a script reading of the film I’m producing, and more time at the library. And, as always…expansion in every way I can think of.
I want to thank my apartment for being a sacred space in which I could be quiet, rest, and just…be. I want to thank my village (aka circle of friends), for being available all the time to bounce ideas, and musings off of. And, my light crew that found it necessary to keep my sleep schedule screwy so that I was reminded that I’m in this world not of it– that I am the keeper of my own time, and that work isn’t more important than rest.
Funny…some of you got my holiday card I sent via email. I noticed you all got it at least twice. Um…you can thank Yahoo for that, it wasn’t me. Heehee. In any case, I wish all who read this a peaceful close to this year, as it’s been quiet the doozey! Yikes!
I think 2008 will have a lot of momentum, surprises, and revelations, so, I’m really doing my part in clearing out whatever doesn’t work anymore. I’m excited to take my life to the next level, which is where I feel its going. I’m enjoying that even though I  have huge, ambitious undertakings (i.e. the store, the film), that all the added baggage is being dropped, to keep me at a good flight weight. A few people dropped off, and a few were added, but, either way its all for the best. I think its important to surround yourself with people who seek as you do. You know, people who want more for themselves than the “norm”. –“Just enough”,  isn’t good enough for me anymore, and its nice to know that I’m not alone in my perpetual love-affair of what kind of life I can create for myself.
In this year, I’ve angered many, I’ve caused much laughter, head-scratching, and confusion.– I’ve seen eyes roll, caused head-shaking, stirred-up a few mental pots… And, there are some who’ll never speak to me again, and some who will speak to me always. And, that’s cool. It’s not my intention to be well-liked, never has been. My little brother told me once, that I’m polarizing. People either like me or they don’t. LOL.. Uh…yeah. Can I just tell you, that’s the story of my life?! I’ve understood it for many years, I’m sure at this point, I have a village of haters, who hate me even more, because I don’t hate them!  What  can I say? The truth of who we are will do that to people, but, I’m not responsible for their reactions, just responsible for being at peace within myself. And, as I’m sure you’re quite aware, I won’t be apologizing for making you look! LOL And, not to worry, if you looked, you don’t have to apologize for doing so. Just make sure you got something of value from the experience. 😉
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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