I think it’s important to talk only when you have something to say. And, that hasn’t been me for a little while. I told you–I’m a good listener. Lately, I’ve been listening to my life play itself out to me and I’m pretty grateful today for myself. I’m grateful because the choices I’ve made in my life have given me rewards that are constantly replenishing themselves.
I’m grateful for my eldest nephew and my neice. If for some reason I never have children of my own, helping to raise them and witnessing them becoming the goregous people they are–I could feel fulfilled with that. They are not only my family, but, two of my closest friends. And, they appreciate that whenever they need me for whatever reason, I’m here, and how priceless that is. They “get it”. And, though life can be hard, understanding the importance of the little things, can make it not only bearable, but, enjoyable.
I’m grateful that the Lillypad has become a sanctuary not only for myself, but, for my friends who require a place to think and meditate on  their lives. I always knew that someday, I’d have a retreat for people to rediscover themselves, a sacred place for  souls to be heard, felt and honored. What I didn’t realize was that I’ve created it already, and this is only the beginning.
I’m grateful for the radiant souls I know, who shine so brightly, I get a tan in their presence. I know some amazing beings, who not only make me smile and laugh–I actually become the smile and laugh. Its sooo cool to be living the life I am–its unspeakably beautiful.
I’m grateful to the man who said I ruin things with love. Thank you the most. Anything ruined by love should be let go of–it’s fear, it doesn’t serve you, it hinders you. So, if I ruin any idea, issues, or pyschosis  any of you have with my love–thank yourself. I wouldn’t be in your life, if you secretly didn’t want me here. I’m only answering a call–its you, telling yourself, you’d like to be happy. Go with it.
I’m exhausted, but, it’s been well earned. And, I will celebrate by sleeping well. Still shinning bright…
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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